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  1. I like the sound of it so far, but there are some changes I feel may make the song better. I don't know musical terms like the good people here, I'm just a guy. I'll try to explain it as best I can. I don't mean to sound bitter or condescending, it's just some constructive criticism from a listener meant to help you : 0:40 - I'm not a fan of the strings sounds. It's kinda jarring, throws it off a little. 1:25-1:35 - I like how it comes into the Lower Norfair part. But that 10 second part feels a little wrong. After the first set of trumpets, the strings should give it a little break until t
  2. This is sounding more and more awesome with each update. And, yes, neblix has a point. The volumes do need to be worked on. The drums at the end especially were a bit too quiet, it didn't carry the power with it. But You're doing a great job so far Chernabogue! Keep it up!
  3. It sounds great! Can't wait to hear the final product! I would only comment now that the transition between the two songs is a bit sudden. But I'll see how it sounds later.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for hearing me out.
  5. Who wouldn't want hear an orchestral arrangement of the many themes of Ridley throughout the series. Have it start out low and slow with the creepy Ridley's Lair from the original Metroid. Then it picks up in speed and power with Lower Norfair. Finally have it build up to the climax ending with Ridley's Big Boss Confrontation. Whoever would do this would be one of the rare people to touch on Ridley's Lair, a song that's rarely touched besides Zero Mission and Metroid Metal.
  6. This was one of my favorite songs on the game! Glad to see someone noticed it and made a nice remix to it.
  7. I'm all up for broadening my horizons (you should see my iPod library: rock, classic, polka, new age, rap, etc.). It'd just be nice if I could see a song, see it's genre and say "Hey, I feel like listening to a little *insert genre(s)*. I'd still hear anything, but it'd be great help if, for say, you're looking for something specific. Makes sense, right?
  8. I have a question: Is there an option here on OC ReMix where you can search songs by genre? I know you can search by artist, game and composer. But what if I like how one song sounds like, and want to hear others like it? Does this site have it this option?
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mmgw2g0bjim Sorry I took soo long (my internet sucks).
  10. Thanks for taking interest rig1015. My internet's not wanting to upload files right now, for some strange reason. I'll try again tomorrow. Getting late now. Sorry it took so long to get back, I've been out all day.
  11. Every Final Fantasy has an airship song. All of them, except FF2. Uematsu made one when it first came out, but was deemed to happy for the games theme, so it never made it in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57HOceGk6hM&feature=related I'd like to hear this song remastered like all the other Airship songs, cause Firion deserves a tune as he sails the skies, too!
  12. Thanks Meteo Xavier! You've been very helpful. I've learned a new word: arpeggio! But what interested me in the Dissidia version of Prelude was not the arpeggio, but the style of the music. The calm and relaxing instrumentation. You said it was half new age. Should I look up new age then? And is there any songs or artists here on OCR that have that same feel?
  13. I've listened to the Dissidia OST, and thought that the Dissidia Prelude was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. What genre of music is it? And don't say VGM (haha). What other types of music sound like it? Any other songs that resemble it? Any songs on OCR that are of the same genre? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I know this has been done a lot before, but I was taking my time making my own Dissidia english cast video to not only say who I think should do it, but to let you listen as well. Some I'm deathly serious about. Others I put as ideas that might work. You're entitled to your opinions. Here they are:
  15. Yeah, I'm really mad at the way this project was going. I sure hope we find some new people who would be willing to dedicate some time to this. I witnessed first-hand this situation and it really grinds my gears. I put too much work into this to have it be for nothing.
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