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  1. i love this theme. my problem right now is narrowing down what i want to do
  2. Smack me? Or dance around me epic failing at a backstab and wielding a knife as if you were having a seizure?
  3. Congrats Nyuura!!! You were my #1 vote Yeah, it's mostly graphite with colored pencils for the colored parts (that sounds redundant lol), and some white colored pencil and pen for random things. Lack of photoshop forced me back to my roots, haha
  4. If I don't see at least 10 entries of Luigi, I'm going to be very upset. Don't none of you go being all "creative" and stuff.
  5. if you couldn't tell, i loveeee playing medic. but i haven't actually played that much engie since the stats reset. for some freak reason i've played scout even more than engie, that's weird . But definitely engineer and medic get you lots of points. lol and this is definitely true. ....WHAT. lol
  6. hahaha that train was dominating our team. got to the point where i was hearing more "train coming" warnings than "spy" or "uber."
  7. hahaha yeah, that kid was so annoying, but worth the lulz what did someone say about him? "That kid fell off the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. And then climbed back up and fell off again."
  8. steel made me cry tonight. are you happy guys? i cried. bonzai------------> that's right emoticon, i am Crying or Very sad.
  9. omg omg omg omg omg my laptop is fixed AND i have internet YOU ALL BETTER BE PLAYING THIS WEEKEND
  10. my laptop started having critical errors during that last rambo week! the computer repair store is stumped on how to fix it D: That combined with school starting up, it may be a while longer before I can play again my activity on the server is down to 5% lol and woooo for fanart competition!!! haha, glad you're unbanned atmuh rambo, where have you been! i have no one to commiserate with about an empty existence without tf2. also, the caption for my fanart entry should be "come back from the dead rambo"
  11. i miss you all and tf2 but i won't mind missing free weekend
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