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    Heya, I'm Chives. Just another person on this website. Cool beans.

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  1. Been playing a bit recently. Although I suck again and I still have a crappy computer it feels good to be back!
  2. It's not like that's an unfaithful representation of Frogg's skill level! Personally, I'm against resetting the scores if it means losing all the daily awards I've collected in my time playing. I like those. Other than that, I don't really care since most of the data is reset every 30 days or whatever anyway.
  3. That's basically what I expected. I think a friend has a picture to show me so I'll find out soon enough.
  4. Yeah. I don't know exactly how it turned out. I assume the color isn't a pure one, so whatever! I'd just like to see it.
  5. Guys. Seriously. If you see me and my purple brain slug in-game and you get a good kill cam, take a picture for me and post here or something. It appears as the same old green brain slug I've always had on my high fps/directx and I'd really like to see what it looks like for the rest of the world.
  6. I got back on the server for a little while before it crashed and I forced to go elsewhere. I might check in this evening, maybe not. It will probably depend on who is on the server and if I want to play with them. Paranoid, I love your signature.
  7. I'm in the irc channel now because enter the game decided it was done blanket banning my area or whatever. I'm busy with school ending but I'll try and get online sometime soon. :'(
  8. Yes. I mean, it's pretty funny to see but I feel like whenever I play with Brushfire I'm not actually playing the campaigns; I'm just doing a drive-by. Not that that's always a bad thing but yeah. In other news, Left 4 Dead 2 fan-fiction time.http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6007567/1/jockey_time_2_ride
  9. I second the Dragon Warrior Monsters series and the Pokemon Trading Card Game. I'm tempted to recommend Harvest Moon but I don't remember how good it actually was, just that I played it a lot as a kid. I'm sure you already know if that's one you want to play, so I'll leave it at that.
  10. It's a huge improvement. M1 is a stream of flames with nothing to learn beyond the misleading weapon range. M2 does no damage on its own and has to be used creatively to get the most out of it. A bit of finesse can go a long way with the compression blast; you have to know where you want your enemy to go and aim in a way that will get them there. Sure, you can just run at enemies hitting M2 but it's hardly comparable to W + M1. Personally, I think the airblast is fine and is in no need of change, especially one that doesn't quite fit with the nature of the airblast to begin with. It's the flames themselves that need an overhaul if you really want to 'fix' Pyro.
  11. So no Flamethrower rework like I was hoping for. They didn't remove anything that I hold dear, so I guess it's okay. Small steps in the right direction.
  12. I'd go off about Pyro but I'll wait to see what changes occur this week till I do that. Basically, I love the airblast and it's what makes Pyro fun for me but I no longer see a tight and focused vision of the Pyro's class duties. He's sort of mixed up, and although I have a lot of fun playing Pyro I don't feel my purpose goes beyond mopping up enemies who were stupid enough to let me in close. I'm basically a janitor.
  13. Didn't Paranoid or somebody already mention coldfront being rc2 a while ago? You guys are a tad slow, although it could be worse.
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