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  1. Timaeus, thank you for looking into it as well. You guys saved me a lot of work. I also accidentally found opening the "noise" into iZotope Iris offered even more flexibility in that particular sound. Especially if one wants to make the resonance super-narrow (like strait line narrow).
  2. You sir, are my late-night hero. Apparently also my neighbor -- I live nearby in Orange, CA.
  3. Dan, that's exactly what I needed! I saw your post and opened a recording of AM static from my old alarm clock radio. Used an 8-pole band pass filter and went to town. Got the exact sound I was looking for. Now my problem is when I put the cutoff automation into Cubase it doesn't glide the cutoff knob evenly. Sounds step-wise as if it were 32nd notes instead of a smooth change. Otherwise, it's perfect!
  4. Hey guys. It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I figured you all could help me with this better than anyone. I have a particular sound I'm looking for. It's this pure pitch-bending tone. Kind of sounds like a transmitting radio tuning frequencies. One exmaple of this is the beginning of the Coffee Break music from Earthbound: . In fact if I remember right Earthbound uses it a lot.Another example I found this in was the movie soundtrack to Gravity on track 7. I.S.S.; although, it is hard to hear it over the bowed percussion and/or feedback sounds: Anyone have a clue? I have Omnisphere and Absynth 5 trying to recreate it there. Pat
  5. bump. I know it's not much, but if ANYONE knows anything about writing music for iPhone apps/games I would love to hear your feedback on this. Gopher it.
  6. I've had the opportunity to write music for an iPhone app coming out soon and I was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback. Compared to most in the OC community, I'm a beginner at digital audio production so any advice is appriciated. The following link is the title music for the app. It's not supposed to be some super amazing music work -- rather, it needed to be simple, looped, and fit the theme. The app itself is a kind of magic trick to show your friends and the theme is like a old time sideshow (circus carnival kind of thing). Also, It is ment to be looped following the short intro. I guess the biggest advice I need (as far as I know) is production basics, balance, clarity etc. http://soundcloud.com/musicbender/sideshow-title2 Also, if anyone knows a thing or two about making music for iPhones I would love to hear it! Thanks
  7. Update: In case anyone was interested in this, I found that the Audio Kontrol 1 from Native Instruments has good multi-client ASIO support. This interface was listed on the "what soundcard should I buy" sticky if anyone is interested in it. Are there any other interfaces with good multi-client support?
  8. So, I have a very particular problem I've been trying to figure out for months, but I can't seem to find a solution anywhere. I bought a new laptop a a few months ago, but before that I had a desktop (w/ XP) with an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Delta Series soundcard. I needed a good ASIO soundcard and this thing was great to me. I mostly record from within the computer (no mics, guitar, MIDI, etc...) so it did what I needed it to do. My main need is multi-client support -- this is when I could have FLStudio open using ASIO drivers and I could also have Windows Media Player playing music at the same time. I could also have Audacity recording "what-you-hear" from Sibleius 5 no problem. Well, now I have a nice vista laptop and I just bought a new EMU 0404 USB. The sound is great, and my latency is sweet, but I no longer have the multi-client support. Unless there is away around this (which I couldn't find) I'm not sure it's worth having the EMU (despite the great reviews it gets). Is there a fix? Are there any USB audio interfaces with ASIO multi-client support? Hope you can help. MusicBender
  9. That sounds like an awesome experience. Too bad I live in Missouri
  10. Same here, my Guitar Center has....guitars. That's about it. Jealous much.
  11. On percussion, if you really want it to sound like a symphony, percussion is not nessissarily used to slam out the beat or just in the backround. Most composers write percussion for color or even as its own important melodic ( or countermelodic) part (like Sil said about the xylo doubling the woodwinds). Being a symphonic percussionist, that's what I see 90% percent of the time unless its some kind of march. About that Timpani thing, if you use only F & C (tonic and dominant?) it might sound too Beethoven-esk, unless that's what you are going for. Newer Symphonies use 4 different notes on four different drums. I could go into specific ranges for each drum, but I'll spare you unless your dieing to know. I've ranted too long. Hope that all helps.
  12. I definetly agree with Sil, there definetly needed to be some doublings of instruments to get that characteristic orchestral sound. At 1:00, you have that main melody that starts with the trumpets. Then a woodwind (low clarinet?) carries on the second part of the melody while the trumpet switches to the harmony. It seems the trumpet overbalances that woodwind so the second part of the melody (the "answer" to the melodic "quesiton") cannot be heard very well. Either try doubling that woodwind instrument with another instrument (bassoon, horn, cello, etc...) or raise up the velocities for it. Just a thought. Otherwise, I think the arrangment itself is awesome -- so good job with that! It's one of my favorites in the FF6.
  13. Rimsky-Korsakov's text is a classic though. That book will never stop being useful as far as I'm concerned!
  14. Just thought I'd throw this link out there for anyone interested. I ran into this online "book" and it has some great tips on music composition. Since composition is obviously a huge part of "remixing" here, most of you could gather a lot of useful information from it I think. There's also guides to harmony theory and orchestration from the same website. Give it a look: http://www.musique.umontreal.ca/personnel/Belkin/bk/ -musicbender
  15. I have to say -- I love the intro. It creates an awesome suspense that leads to the main section. Because the intro sets everything up so well, I got goose bumps when the melody came in. The drums match the sound way better now, too. Great job!
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