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  1. I'm soooo sorry to hear that... i know what losing a grandpa is like. you needs a over-the-web huh (jumps up, and glomps you) Oh, and on topic with the song, i love it. tempted to make it bgm for an audio drama (could I have your permission for that? I know that sounds kinda wierd...) the dynamics are great, the transitions seemless, and the piece is overall gorgeous. I quietly disagree with all the people thinking that is needs more brassy instuments, because those create more of a lively/friendly sound, and that would clash with the overall piece. all-in-all, (bursts out crying, since i'm not in class now) I LOVE IT! (sorry, went fangirl for a second there. but I don't retract my statement.)
  2. Okay, I'm not so hot at the whole music-making-on-the-computer thing (since I've never done so) but I do know what I like.I like the new opening. It's just as good at the last one, and I don't think it needs much, if any, improvement.At 1:48, I think it sounds just a little abrupt, but maybe that's just me.The whole thing from 3:34 to about 5:12 is still pretty good, but I liked it when the drum could be heard more. Also, the harpsicord (or at least, the thing that kinda sounds like one) is a little random in when it plays. If you could make it a litle more regular, and maybe make compete with the piano less, taht'd be cool.But of course, that's just me, and I write more than I make music.
  3. Thaw A desperate cry, unyielding ice Another’s war over meaningless dispute Cold, alone, fear frozen in bone Heartless moon, hidden sun Bronze sunset, and frozen chill Drip- quiet fun: a warm, damp breeze Water over stone, the playful trickle Calm mind and easy pleasures A subtle beat, a background hum The happy hymn of hydro While the leak continues to grow Uncertain chimes across rimy dunes Solid blocks, shifting snow A frigid desert of frost Windblown awe, silent respect While the firmness cracks and breaks Slow at first: a bird waking up Then bursting to life it rushes forward The flurry of unbound joy The cyclone of battle, the frostbitten spray Fields of freeze kicked up and dispersed Sound stolen by the powdery plain A frightened pause, a silent suspension The winds steal across the ice-locked lands Shatter- the maelstrom returns, the eye flees Hailstorm of anger, terror, and confusion Whips and stings with burning icefire A whirlwind of life, the happy chaos Down to the hidden, benevolent liquid Procession of praise, dances of exhilaration Ordered and excited, bursts of wild glorification Parade of peace, triumphant march The beauty of water unmatched and unstopped Perplexing exultation, shower of bliss Turbulent rush of impulsive waves Surge of flexible, beautiful power Trickle away to the darkest corners Stealing off for freedom and solitude Out of the gleeful mist freeze and fluid meet Twins, similar and analogous Intolerable and competitive, rivaling siblings Clash of minds, confrontation of difference A furious, squalling brawl, a duet of violent fate Sweet, compromised turmoil Two descending to one Gorgeous dance of concession Convergence of the identical adversaries Abandoned and combined Fused intellect and amalgamated spirit Duo of singular intent Flood. Okay, quickie note, this isn't quite based off the most recent version: rather, it's based off the version right before my first post. Hope you still enjoy!
  4. okays, noob here asking a quesiton: if the song in question is on youtube, you can make a link to it and it'd be fine, right?
  5. i like it. though it kinda jumps from one music genre to another (eg from a very jazzy feel at the begining to a very strained and epic-battle-ish sound in the middle) it does so in a very smooth and polished way, making the song exiting. it could almost be the theme song to a movie or something else. i'm tempted to write a poem inspired by this. would you mind?
  6. wow. i can't stop listening to it. my dad loves jazz music, and so i listen to it quite a bit. makes me feel like i'm in a quiet cafe listening to a quiet trio (or quartet, not quite sure which, in this case) in the background. really well done.
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