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  1. Awesome! Hey Spram! I used to be called Rane around #verge. Blimpo Warrior was my favourite verge game ever! I will play this new game soon! Mwaaahaahaahaahaa!
  2. Awesome stuff. Just great. (Well, maybe the violin could use a little bit of tuning, and a little bit of reverb or a cut filter on the high end a touch to make it blend more. It seems (this isn't exactly a complaint) is if everyone here has the same set of piano samples... I'm sure I've heard these keys in at least three different remixes here. How odd.) That stuff is all in brackets because these are tiny, tiny complaints. This remix made me quite happy. Mmmmm. By the way, is this the same Spram of Blimpo Warrior notoriety?
  3. Heyo. I didn't know this was up already! I guess I don't have much to say about this in reply except that a "water main" is a kind of big pipe, hence why I thought it an appropriate name for music from the level you take a big pipe down into. Also, in the first Super Mario Bros. it was already in a 6/4 (or 3/4) metre. It didn't become 4/4 until they redid it for Super Mario Bros. 3. (By the way, 6/8 usually means two triplets per bar, which really doesn't describe this piece at all.) As for comments on the guitar work, I really, really don't deserve any comparison to Satriani, but I will agree that the guitar is very noisy and rough (the way I hoped it would sound ). I don't know what people find so odd about the drums (maybe the snare processing and distortion? maybe it's just the fact that it's an mp3?). Anyhow, thanks for all the comments everybody!
  4. Actually the intro was surprisingly easy to do: e-------------- B-------0-1-2-3 G-7-6-5-0-2-3-4 D-----4-------- A-5-7---------- E--------------
  5. This is very nice, a bit relaxed... I like how the proper rhythm of the opening eludes my grasp for the first few seconds. The only thing I regret is the lack of any more of the original song in it, though this much does hold its own reasonably well.
  6. Thanks for the compliments. Actually the funny thing about this recording is it was done as I was just learning guitar, and the guitar itself was missing an important string. So the guitar part ended up being done in 3 tracks (even though there's rarely more than 2 strings playing at once). The synthesizer part was more of an afterthought, it was definitely recorded live, one take, it was even improvised. Nowadays I can play guitar much better and I can do the whole guitar part at once... but I wouldn't rerecord it because I was so happy with the way it ended up sounding. Actually, I originally did this to be ending music for an ill fated film a friend of mine was making about a guy addicted to Nintendo. I got to play a shyguy in a dream sequence... I got hit in the head by a large beet several times! I think that part of the film is actually on the internet at http://browntastic.tripod.com/
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