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  1. I like the way this song sounds. The progression sounds a bit random, though. You could also enhance the kick a bit, I think that would make quite a difference. Can't you just slice the loop into separate samples? That way you shouldn't face that problem. Also, BMP is something completely different than BPM
  2. Hey thanks for replying The ending... well... I got used to make simple outro's like this. For mixing purposes I guess. Also, now that you mention it, a part did get cut off! One bar to be precise
  3. Hey guys! So I remixed Stickerbrush Symphony a while ago (totally unoriginal choice, I know =P). So give it a listen and posting any thought is appreciated. http://www.sirxemic.com/symphony_x.mp3 All I need to know basically is whether no changes or only small changes can make this OC-Remix worthy or not. If I need to totally reconsider some parts, then I'll just leave this song as it is and won't submit it. Cheers!
  4. @Rozovian Many thanks for taking the time to post your criticisms etc. You're basically saying that the choice of sounds isn't really the best and that it sounds too much like a midi-rip. I can deal with that, but personally I like the choice of sounds. Funny fact: it's not a midi-rip at all, it's all done by ear. That, and even if it were a midi-rip, there are some extra notes which I used to make it sound less like a rip. Anyway, I appreciate your comment, but - and correct me if I am wrong - it seems that it might take quite some time for me until it turns submit-worthy. And since I am a la
  5. So can anyone tell me what I can do to improve the song before submitting it?
  6. So I heard that saying that I want my username changed into sir Xemic here makes magic happen?
  7. After more than a year... I have a new (hopefully better) version! http://www.sirxemic.com/Super_Mario_64_Golden_Journey.mp3 Again, any advice/criticism is appreciated. Also, can my username be changed? Should I annoy some moderator for that?
  8. Hey guys, So I posted this song somewhere two months ago and people said I should submit it here. I thought, why not? So I tried, but it didn't get to the judges panel. So I ask you for help getting the song a step further! Any advice/criticism is appreciated. Link to the old song: http://www.robosquid.com/uploads/project-files/102_Golden_Journey_Dire_Dire_Docks_REMIX_all.mp3 EDIT: Link to the latest version: http://www.sirxemic.com/Super_Mario_64_Golden_Journey.mp3 Greetings, Chem8stry
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