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  1. Ah, finally another remix which utilizes my favorite theme in the history of music! Morrowind/Oblivion's main theme is just amazing. The remix is great, but a bit on the repetitive side- I kept expecting the theme to go on with the Morrowind tune, but it only really used the first part of the song. It was also shorter then I would've liked. However, you really captured the Piraty feel with this, and it was a very high quality mix. I enjoyed it a lot, and even downloaded it onto my hard drive.
  2. Thanks man. Finding a quality way to record it might take some time. I think I'm getting new equipment come January, so I should be able to get a higher quality recording then. But that's quite a long time from now. In the meantime I can perfect the piece, take out some problems, put in some cool twists, etc. I'll keep this thread updated if I can.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'm aware of the problems it has in the actual recording, but at this point I'm looking for some advanced critiques on the structure of the song, and the arrangement itself. I'll work on cleaning up that horrible recording quality later.
  4. I originally arranged this for my friends and myself only, but I wondered if I could successfully pull it off as a remix. Since I just love what OCR stands for, I decided I would try to participate. This song incorporates the title theme of Luigi's Mansion, the sewer song from Chrono Trigger, and the Grunty's Industries theme from Banjo Tooie. It is a solo piano piece, played live, and admittedly, poorly recorded with Audacity. I want an advanced critique on the piece, though I did not play it perfectly. I'm really looking to get this on, so hit me hard! Don't worry, I'll look to see if I
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