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  1. [Apart from the new Star Trek movie making it "cool" to like Star Trek] Really, it's cool to like mediocre garbage? Oh wait, duh. I mean, Family Guy is culturally beloved, so why the hell am I asking that? Star Trek 11 is a horrible movie, and just a copy of previous trek films. Its no better than Terminator 4. As that other user said, they are both sub-par.
  2. I agree with the guy who says it's like the new Star Trek film, a subpar film just trying to milk off a nearly dead franchise. The first two terminator films were excellent films that didn't need more sequels, and well, the other terminator films stink, and don't get me started with pathetic excuse of a tv series, I actually watched the pilot season. Though I don't understand how Star Trek is getting praise while this is getting shit thrown at it.
  3. Now this is an album that will be awesome. Best music in Zelda somehow was in this little teeny gameboy game.
  4. Well, since theres been projects that have fallen through on this site, and I have noticed many of these project threads, including this one, have been going on for quite awhile, I just assumed this was yet another limbo project. Mods, hacks, websites, entire games and films on the net, hell projects of any kind period dont normally get finished. Most projects never leave the brainstorming and initial stages. But it's cool this album will be finished.
  5. Considering that 13 isn't a lot, and most projects on the internet of any kind never leave the drawing board so to say, yeah. Epic lulz at the wannabe /b/tard .
  6. Of course I figured this would never be finished. Most projects on the internet never get finished. Is it different with these listed projects on OCRemix? If so, then I can't wait until a lot of these get finished.
  7. Is this the same album? If so, I guess its pretty much set this will finish?
  8. Are the results of this attempt available to see?
  9. As awesome as a Mega Man 4 Album will be (assuming this one is finished), I'd more love to see one of 6 or of X. Those are my favorite Mega Man soundtracks. But I'm glad you're doing 4 over 2, as most people would choose 2.
  10. Super Metroid and Ocarina of Time would be nice I guess. But I'm not really a remake guy.
  11. Good song, but if I had to pick a boss theme from Kirby to be remixed, it would be the last boss theme from Kirby 64. Here: (Brawl Remix)
  12. Are you kidding? Earthbound has been massively played? Sure, it has a lot more popularity on the internet, but all in all it's still pretty underplayed if you ask me. Plus, I've noticed Japanese only games getting a lot of remixes on here. Secret of Mana 2 or whatever it's called has a bunch, so I ask again, why no attention to the other Earthbounds?
  13. Metroid Metal is planning to do remixes of Fusion, so apparently I'll get what I want afterall. Plus I think the remix in Brawl shows at least the Intro and first area song are worthy of remix. I don't see why I'd be offended by dupstep, the sketch was rather nice, I think you should continue with it. It's awesome so far.
  14. Since Earthbound has gotten a lot of attention, I wonder why Earthbound Zero and Mother 3 have not...