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    From the Forgoten Rio Grande City
    (Big River City No Joke)Texas, Small town about
    30,000, I Found this Web Site about a year ago and now
    on my way to becoming a part time remixer.
    Have a band and been in alot of them (you can find them on Myspace)But now I Finaly have free time to Start Remixing.
    My name an enigma it will remain.
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  1. Split Mushroom's Stage was cool and all but i aways remember that tune and its wicked bass line.I amazed that its not been Remixed, Maybe someone tried and Failed or its never been tried, if so i would like to know. As for a genre, Trance/Tecno, or Metal! But in the end its up to whomever does it.
  2. Hmmm? Industrial Metal mix? Thats the genre Im feeling.
  3. Yeah, I have also seen this alot lately; not cool if you ask me but oh well. About Paper Mario, now I would of expected to find some bad ass remixes of this game just because its !MARIO!..., But hopefully some one will soon.
  4. Im at school, and the fire wall doesn't allow videos to stream but you dudes and dudets should be able to view it, hope its the right one... http://video.aol.com/video-detail/kirby-superstar-battle-with-metaknight/3846978464
  5. I liked the Dry Dry Desert Boss Battle that Would be a Nice one
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