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  1. I like that idea for the transitions. Are you just getting people lined up for music, or are they already working on it? I think it would be wise to write the lyrics before any music is produced. That way, the arrangement of the music will be defined by the progression of the lyrics, and not the other way around. The more freedom you have while writing lyrics, the better. It's up to you, though. You're the director, so do it however you think it needs to be done.
  2. Me again. I've been thinking about lyrics for a few days. I'm gravitating towards the first time Link enters Clock Town, unless that's taken. I feel early stuff would be a good match for me, as it can have a lighter tone than later events probably should. I have a quirky, fun writing style. So I guess I just need to know if Clock Town is even available first. If it is, I'll have a few more questions before I get started. Also, if I may butt into you guys' discussion... The owl probably shows up before every region and reprises his song, right? Since, in game, he's little more than a guide for the player, one idea is having him actually introduce each act, essentially acting as the narrator. Whether he's talking to Link or the audience, his lyrics should be poetic and cryptic, with sagely insight about time, fate, and life. That's my opinion, anyway. I'd be willing to take a crack at these lyrics, too.
  3. I've debated whether or not to post here, as I'm not sure I have the time for this... but I am a talented lyricist. I'm also a singer, but I'm not as confident about that. My voice may be right for a certain character, but I'm not the best "traditional" singer. About the lyrics... I'm very picky, so I might not be able to do them very quickly, but they would be good. Again, I'm not sure I should take on a project like this, but I WANT to. Oh, I'd also like to say that I don't think the lyrics should necessarily follow the melody of the tune in all cases. Some of these tunes are just not good for that. I suggest new melodies where appropriate.
  4. I'm not at all optimistic about a March release, but I'm still looking forward to the album. Feel free to prove me wrong, though.
  5. Can we channel this anger toward the people not yet done?
  6. I've continued work on this. I haven't added much, but hopefully it goes somewhere now. I think I need to have the key change at this point. Any input is greatly appreciated. Oh, I've added in some of Lockjaw's Locker. EDIT: I'm looking to add some sound effects of various underwater enemies from the series, but I'm not finding any. Can somebody point me to a good resource for this?
  7. Hm. That's surprising. I felt it progressed nicely, building over time. It's important to me that the song feels like it's going somewhere and not just repeating. At what point in the song did you feel like it wasn't going anywhere?
  8. Hello, OC Remix! I bought a music program yesterday and, to learn the ropes, I started a remix of Water World. It's not complete and cuts off in the middle. Hopefully it leaves you wanting more. Now, this is my first remix ever so I don't expect to get on the site with this. I'm hoping for some pointers, impressions, and also motivation to finish it (I'm really bad about just never finishing projects). I'd like to complete it with a decent bit of polish, even if it's not anything mind-blowing. Another thing to note: I think this is a very original mix, but it's possible I've stolen sections from other mixes. I tend to get things stuck in my head and then they come to me when I think I'm writing something new. Anyway, here's the first WIP of "Anglers Among Us". Please enjoy. v1 v2 (Now with Lockjaw's Locker!) Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2IXKsYHGJ0
  9. Corn-Fed Kong is what I'm waiting for. All the other tracks are just going to be a nice surprise.
  10. I was actually more referring to the people not involved who've been following the project. Jeez, though, you handle all this well...
  11. If you're not done with your track and you're posting in this thread defending yourself, EVERYBODY READING THE THREAD HATES YOU. And that's a fact.
  12. Well, I added you. I check every day to see if you added me, but... maybe it's just not meant to be?
  13. Ok, so I've grown tired of Samurai Warriors and it's monotony. I thought it would get more complex or some sort of strategy would emerge, but nope. I'm going to sell it and get a different game, but what's out is super sucky. Pilotwings is probably the frontrunner in my mind. It would be nice to play with all the people on my friends list who have Street Fighter, but I can't really imagine enjoying a traditional fighter anymore... not since Smash Bros came into existence and made them all seem inherently inferior. Any thoughts?
  14. I have also added your FC on 3DS.

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