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  1. *Pukes rainbow sprinkles and unicorns* this is the best theme ever.
  2. I suddenly lost motivation for my piece so I think another crappy MSPaint entry is in order. Tally-ho.
  3. Nyuura


    From what everybody's tellin' me, the new FMA's hopefully going to actually follow through with Arakawa's manga storyline and completely ignore the trainwreck that was the old series. If truth, then I'm totally stoked. Have you seen the FMA movie? I guess you can pass that off as a trippy sequel that makes no sense.
  4. I got my idea from the twisted mind of a friend. I will be weeping tears of blood while I draw this.
  5. You're not alone on this. EDIT: I'll need suggestions if anybody's got some.
  6. This. I actually gave up on Super Mario RPG because of the Axem Rangers. That was... years ago.
  7. 30-ish minutes actually, I believe. A lot of time and effort got wasted on trying to make it cleaner from the initial coloring attempt.
  8. Ummm... I caught a debilitating disease so now I gotta play catch-up with school and work. I doubt I'll be submitting something, but if I do, it'll be another 15-minute MS Paint doodle. Haha.
  9. I'm thinking anthros aren't what Bonzai's looking for with "Creatures"...
  10. Digging the femme Pyro, Bonzai, but I'm not down with the burn scars. It reminds me of that time I spilled a scalding bowl of udon noodles on my right thigh. I cried... I put my heart into that bowl of noodles.
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