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  1. I am looking at buying an E-MU 1212m PCIe card. I've run into two issues. One, I'm from Canada and their online store doesn't ship here. Two, I've contacted my local reseller and they are saying that the card has been discontinued. Thought I'd ask if anyone else has heard that? I've contacted Creative for support, they say their response time is 2-3 days, so I thought I'd check here. Thanks all. Here is a link to the card on their site. http://us.store.creative.com/EMU-1212M-PCIe-Audio-Interface/M/B002VDMUQ6.htm
  2. Hearing some good things about the Korg SP-170. Anyone from OCR have some feedback? Looks like an affordable entry level keyboard... Link to the Korg site: http://www.korg.com/product.aspx?pd=565
  3. Thanks mak. I know I won't be able to satisfy everyone, but I was trying to create an intimate guitar piece that quickly fades into a little something a little more punchier. Not using any other instruments is deliberate. I did mess around with some piano early in the song, but it just didn't work.
  4. It is a remix of Grabbag. I actually called it Red Light because one time when I was playing it my daughter thought I was being too noisy and shouted "Red Light!" meaning "Stop!" Has nothing to do with the Red Light District level, just a coincidence.
  5. Hi all, I took your advice and tried to increase the highs. Let me know what you think. v2: https://docs.google.com/a/lagged.ca/uc?id=0B-Lfu5N2tmL4M2JjNzA2YjctMjVlZC00ZDM4LWI4NzUtZmUyYjQ4YWViNDc1&export=download&hl=en v2 Mirror: http://lagged.ca/Red_Light.mp3
  6. Thanks for the feedback so far, I really appreciate it! This piece was influenced by the grunge genre of the mid 90s, around the time that Duke Nukem 3D was released. I wasn't trying to be perfect and I'm happy that it is seems to work, even with the flaws.
  7. Hi, I actually had sent this simple acoustic ReMix to OCR submissions back on September 7. Given the long queue in the inbox, I thought I would start up a thread here for some feedback. If there's anything to be fixed, I could probably fix it before it's even downloaded for review. Didn't really work on practicing this song too long, maybe a week. This recording came out pretty nice on the first attempt, so I added some reverb and did some minor EQ and gate adjustments. Sadly, the pickup in my acoustic is busted right now, so I wound up just recording one mic'ed up track. My original i
  8. Are you getting a permission error in your browser or are the songs just not loading? I had a problem with the sharing functionality on Google Docs, but I resolved it (at least I thought I did). I just tested the links and they are working for me...
  9. I think I finally fixed the Google Docs problem... so the direct links to the files should work now.
  10. @jabond23 Can you let me know what sort of problems you've having when listening to the files? I just tried and I was able to listen to them from both my blog and Google Docs. If you right-click and save them, does that work?
  11. If it's feedback you want, then feedback you'll get. This is really promising. Just don't add country-twang lyrics!
  12. Alright, looks like everything is working now, sorry about that. Wasn't sure why I was getting the permission error on the shared files, but I've since removed them and re-uploaded.
  13. Thanks for the reply! Sadly, these links worked this morning and the other files that I've uploaded to Google Docs work. I'll see if I can get this sorted out...
  14. Hi, I'm looking to collaborate on a ReMix, if anyone is interested in a guitarist. I don't have any published ReMixes, although I am working on a few. I would like to offer electric rhythm or lead. I have a PreSonus AudioBox USB. I made a few recordings tonight featuring the following: Chrono Trigger - To Good Friends Space Quest - Various Themes Leisure Suit Larry - Theme Street Fighter II - Ken's Theme Final Fantasy I - Mayota's Cave Improvisation Doom and Doom II - Various Themes Asturias (Leyenda) You can listen to the songs on my blog at http://lagged.ca/blog/201
  15. Thanks for the feedback halc! I've recently purchased a synthetic skin bodhrán, I was thinking of maybe recording a slow roll, but I haven't had a chance to mic it up. Might not fit the song. I've been working out a bit of the piano melody that I would and have already tweaked the guitar parts a little bit. I'm still trying to find a nice segue from my additions into the main song. I could try throwing some strings in there, thanks for suggestion.
  16. Hi all, I would like to post the intro of a ReMix I'm working on. It's virtually unrecognizable right now, save for the opening chords. https://sites.google.com/a/lagged.ca/music/Home/Shadow_ReMix.mp3 I actually intend on finishing this in 2010, but I wanted to get some preliminary work done, in the event I forget my arrangement. I've recorded the guitar parts using my electric guitar, but I'm planning on buying a new acoustic and mic. I'll be re-recording most of this, since the style of the song will make more sense on an acoustic. Also, I did not intend to write a lead intro until th
  17. Hi all, I'm working on an orchestral medley that will interpret elements of the themes from World of Warcraft. Primarily, it will be a remix of the main theme which is first heard on the soundtrack in the track titled 'A Call to Arms'. The file I'm posting below is only a few hours old, but I wanted to get some feedback as I am somewhat new to the scene. I did some MOD/S3M/IT composition a while back, but nothing ever noteworthy (no pun intended). Please listen to the intro I have completed and provide feedback/encouragement, etc. Thanks for listening. http://web.lagged.ca/UntitledWor
  18. Have there been any accepted ReMixes that were created with REAPER as the primary tool? If so, then maybe that would be a good enough reason to add it to the list.
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