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  1. My face has been completely incinerated by the awesomeness of this album. I thank ORC and everyone who contributed to this epic album! My personal favorites would have to be A Giant and his Flea, Tuck n' Roll, every Blizzard Buffalo remix, X-Hunted, Primulaceae Rosa, Winged Reploid and First Form Slayer. EDIT: I Am the One Who Designed and Built Mega Man X definately goes up there as well, wonderful arrangement.
  2. Thanks! I think a more understanding attitude is best for the situation. I'm sorry. As much as I didn't like how this was handled nor some of the comments some of the staff made, I don't think this is any better. We're more or less just visitors to a community voicing a concern about how we didn't think this was handled best. I don't think its proper for us to just burst in, complain about how we don't like it and then just take the album and leave everyone here with a bitter taste in their mouths about us. We're not really part of their community or anything, so I don't think we have nearly as much of a right to be outraged when we're just coming here to make a complaint. I think we should ATLEAST give some advice or try to help the cause in some manner. If not that, atleast try to be a little patient. I've been waiting for this to be finished when it started, so I know as bad it must have felt to wait. But its also important to realize just a little bit of their perspective.
  3. Now, now, guys. I don't think there's any reason to be overly bitter to OCR. I really think we all just got off on the wrong foot here with this rather new and rather experimental thing going on. I think OCR was just trying to find a way to promote the site, but just didn't execute it in a way that makes everyone happy. While I think some posts on the thread have been rather passionate and sensitive I don't think that was the intention. It's a project that everyone here has put alot of time and effort into and honestly I don't think they expected this kind of uproar. Again I think this is a thing of engaging the community and working along with them. Since they didn't do this kind of thing before they haven't really had the time to really think TOO hard on how to do that. They probably just thought that we'd get alot of people easily to see the FB page or something and it'd be that. It is a little harder than that, but that's the assumption. I just say we work on getting the likes in and try to think of something to prevent this in the future.
  4. There've been other people who haven't been overly negative here, Bagel's is pretty good. But I don't think he's the ONLY one (no offense to Bagel, your post was pretty well).
  5. Well, I'm actually a little curious on something since production seems to be the issue. What about the quality of the chiptune album Capcom released a bit back "Chiptuned Rockman". Would the songs from those be a good possible guideline for chiptune production since it was an official album or would that still not fall into OCR's guidelines?
  6. I wouldn't say to never do anything similar to this in the future. As I've said, the concept is actually rather fun sounding and it's a neat little thing to have Sigma announcing himself waiting for you if the likes get to a certain point. I just think some things need to be thought through a little better next time you try to do it. Timing and PR have already been said in this thread. Though I think making it engaging in some manner for people would be a good thing. Could have some guidelines or a contest or have everyone make promotion groups. By that I could see a contest or promotion group thing in the future with those that allows more non-audio oriented types join in on the fun. Maybe they could make videos, make posters or something. Could even bring in some more people from outside OC just so they can work on that. Having that working sometime near the album's completion would be best. I'd say a month or two prior to a release.
  7. Well I have a suggestion to help the goal and all. Could make a short video on youtube or something with the Sigma message. Could use Powerpoint or something to have a MMX Sigma message mockup with the original Sigma 4 song and have an annotation with a link to the FB page and I think then the goal would be reached a little faster. Or atleast a message about it on the Youtube page. Since people like me tend to get our site updates from YT, I think it'd help alot
  8. Well I have a suggestion to help the goal and all. Could make a short video on youtube or something with the Sigma message. Could use Powerpoint or something to have a MMX Sigma message mockup with the original Sigma 4 song and have an annotation with a link to the FB page and I think then the goal would be reached a little faster.
  9. I think the campaign was a fun idea in concept. I mean, looking at the front page and seeing a nice little Sigma message basically telling everyone to round up their friends and like the FB page seems like a pretty cool, funny and fun thing to do plus it promotes the site. I'm pretty sure that's what the mods/admins here had in mind when it came to this little thing: a little fun promotion for the site. I don't think any venom was intended here like others seem to think. But, I think the backlash came from more or less timing than anything. I think people were just kinda caught off guard by this, seeing how the album's trailer was released not too long ago and we know the album is finished. When the album's completion was hyped and then that particular obstacle came, well, I think it made some people understandably irritated and others just kinda babyish. If it had been about a week or two before, I don't think this would have been too much of a problem for too many people. But, I say that alot of us really need to just buckle down and try to get this promoted enough so we can finally get this epic album and help out OCR in the process. And... if we can't do that, we can atleast use a bunch of sockpuppets to rig everything.
  10. To be honest, I was rather surprised that there wasn't a Battle Arena Toshinden remix on OC. Many people that I know that played it as a kid see the music as a really memorable part of it. Esspecially Duke's theme, his theme is pretty awesome. I was just wondering, really. Does anyone have in future plans to remix a song in the game's soundtrack?
  11. I'm using Boobass and FL slayer. I can retune them to sound more guitarish Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I should probably start out small, but in all honesty, this isn't isn't that complex.
  12. Seeing as Darkness of the Unknown is my favorite boss battle song in KH2 and I'm developing my musical skills. I decided to make a remix. Well, it isn't spectacular or anything, I hope I've atleast come to a good start. But, that's where I need constructive critism. Original - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py0Bl-YusxY My Remixed version - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nnz2yntmwug Please give me any tips if you have them
  13. Ah, thank you. I will try to fix this problem on my spare time. And exxcuse me on ignorance on my part, but what exactly did you mean by "No source link, no source comment"? To the other artist involved?
  14. Hello, everyone. I, and a friend of mine (who will be credited), have been working on a rearrangement of "Riku" from Kingdom Hearts II. We would like some feedback on this before we decide whether or not to post it. So, I would be glad if you could leave us some constructive critism. http://www.uploading.com/files/UXMC3Q2H/Walking_through_the_Darkness.MP3.html Original = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNP2murYygQ Well, on the song itself, I inverted the key to F minor (the original key of was A flat minor). That's why the melody sounds different, but the key placement is basically the same.
  15. Hello, everyone! I'm new here and fairly new to music. I've been doing small projects on my Midi software and I recently got fruity loops. I'm very impressed with the artists here and on of my personal favorites is Malcos. Well, Just dropped by to say hello. I hope I can live up to the talent of everyone else here.
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