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    I've got a passion for videogames, and technology in general
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  1. hey guys, i know its been awhile, but would you accept me back into the guild?
  2. Since i'm a higher level now, i wouldnt mind joining guild again i quit since there was nobody even around my level but i'm almost 50 so i'd enjoy joining again
  3. Tales of the Black Freighter seemed so brutal in the novel. I'll probably end up buying it as soon as it comes out. To bad they couldnt put it in the movie though, it added more action to the novel
  4. well...i think i'm now going to go into withdrawals ....fuckin shit...
  5. I just started playing ally with my IRL buddies in Gorefiend, but idk, i play illidan more than anything these days.
  6. Holy shit Thats like the perfect advice that i needed I think I'll have enough gold by the time i hit 30 now
  7. Dude, I struggle getting 5 gold, I'm not real good at wow yet, other than grinding now And I would totally use addons, but i have no idea how, like i download them, and then i have no idea how to use them
  8. Did anybody else have trouble getting the 35g for their first mount?
  9. I think the top game moment of the year was when a shit ton of friends and i brought my TV, SNES and Donkey Kong to the public park, and just sat around and played the entire day (there are outlets at the park
  10. so i just got chrono trigger ds...and i find out my ds is stolen fack
  11. I didnt hate it, but there were parts I didnt really like. I wouldnt call it the worst movie ever. Twilight took that spot before it even came out
  12. So i just got WotLK Its kinda useless to have right now, considering my highest toon is only 22 but nonetheless, merry christmas guys
  13. Ya know, I really liked Metropolis. It was remade in 2001. I know its not from that era, but its still really good
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