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  1. Funny thing when you're browsing the new songs at OCR and the top one comes from the university you go to. If I don't go home friday i'll definitely check out the concert this saturday.
  2. this mix is awesome! I've been listening to it a lot lately and right now my bro is on the phone so i'm using headphones for the song right now and its a whole new experience. I never noticed the soft bass in the background around the middle of the song. also in the beginning the beats kinda shift from right head phone to left head phone. truly epic
  3. whoa, im not throwing any insults at the ReMixers. i love a lot of the music from this site and my only post so far was a humble request for a ReMix of a ff tactics song. sorry if its formatted wrong im new to the site.
  4. Where's the ff tactics love? One of my favorite games with a great sound track to boot. Personal favorites are the title theme, hero, delita's theme, cry of pain, and shop.
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