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    Hey I'm Chris and I hope to eventually be able to make my own remixes and remix some of my favorite games (when ever I have enough money to buy the software *sigh*) but in the mean time hope to learn how to arrange and hopefully find someone who might need a bassist for a remix. currently I cannot help out do to school check with me some other time but I am availiable to play Super Smash Bros Brawl or chat every now and then so hit me up. also working on some ideas for songs to remix I will post evetually.
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    Christopher Sides
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    Electric Bass
  1. I must say everytime i hear a song by bLiNd his remixes never let me down :3 i hope to see more of your work later on ^^ great job man and I'm glad your doing much better.
  2. This is one of the best starfox remixes ive heard in a long time and rather enjoyed it. while i listened to it had flashbacks of playing Star Fox and Star Fox 64. Trance done right check it out!!
  3. GLORY TO THE ALMIGHTY METALMAN!!! finally someone who can remix his song into a hot dance beat while keeping the orignal sound and feel to it. I highly sugest this remix if your a megaman fan.
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