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  1. Awesome. I'm looking forward to the new torrents!
  2. It's been 5 months...any word on the progress here? Or did I miss an important thread elsewhere?
  3. Haven't seen any activity on this for a month or so, and I just wanted to check in, since I'm chomping at the bit to get the full OC collection with the "right" tags. How's this whole fixing-tags thing going, and are we any closer to seeing the new mp3s in the torrents? Of course, I also understand this isn't the highest priority, and these sorts of things take time. I'm just impatient
  4. We could figure out a way to include a file called AlbumArt.jpg into the folder. It's pretty easy to add album art to things in WMP and iTunes that way (copy->paste as album art). iTunes actually stores it in some other location, and WMP is schizophrenic about what it does. I personally use mp3tag to embed the high-resolution pictures. These are all amazing...I just wish they weren't quite so pixelated. I particularly like the one you did. I just feel like it has a better composition. If you could somehow vector-trace it to smooth it out a little, I would so totally buy you a cookie. For now, though, that's definitely at the top of my list for what to use.
  5. In terms of why we need high-resolution album art: Cover Flow. Also, when I play my music on my Apple TV, it puts the album art REALLY BIG on the screen. I don't want my OC Remixes to look janky compared to the art I have for other albums. I am nthing the call for a good, solid piece of album art.
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