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  1. the tune Terra's theme from FFVI has alway been my fav i like this remix it stick to the Original tune but give it alil kick this song make me remember first time playing FF6 it like felling in love with this song all over again 10/10 really great piece
  2. lol true ty for telling me about if it happen just want to know thx again>^^<
  3. i mean Final Fantasy VI one of my Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII is too i Wrote this lat lat night but really it be cool to see a 4 or just 2 or whatever Album of Final Fantasy VI really great music on that Final Fantasy. like to see mog theme remixed:smile:
  4. i like to know if OC Remixes is doing or going to be doing a whole album of Final Fantasy VI one of my fav Final Fantasy VI well that one and 7 are my fav and you guy did great on FF7 music love it well anway that what i wanted to know:?:
  5. I like to see remixes of dragon quest or dragon warror games music:-)
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