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  1. Another vote for getting a dedicated composer/engineer/mixer. Anything orchestral will sound like absolute rubbish unless you know what you are doing. And the only good synthetic orchestral work that I've ever heard made was made using the Vienna Symphonic orchestral sample set, using GigaStudio and the GigaPulse reverb modelling system. Total cost of just that? $27,000 US. (the Vienna Symphonic library itself is just shy of one terrabyte in size for the straight orchestral sample set, not including specialist instruments.) But the results are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Seriously, you're
  2. Haven't submitted it because it doesn't meet file requirements (too big and higher than expected bitrate) but I might recode it to make it fit the submission specs at some stage. Good friend of mine redid the lead vocals for me, and she had fun doing it too. http://members.iinet.net.au/~mfettema/MFE-Still_Alive_Remix.mp3
  3. Greetings. Obviously, I'm new here. Not so obviously, I've been listening to game remixes for a long time, from ocremix, remix.kwed.org, and others. I've been in the music arena for a long time, both with original compositions and remixes, but I haven't considered making a living from it; I'd rather not starve. That said, I probably spend too much time doing music and sound engineering in general. I've heard some fantastic remixes on the site, so I'm hoping that my contributions will be of the same calibre. Contributions, however, will not be all the frequent given that I tend to spread
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