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    Hey guys, I've been producing for a number of years now and have been playing the guitar for longer than that...

    I work on a lot of various stuff, remixing game music (obviously), produce for a hip hop band, make drum and bass, and play a lot of blues guitar.
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    Liam Tarpey
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    Acoustic Bass
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  1. no problem, will do so.

  2. no problem my friend, will do so.

  3. All right, I'm marking you down for Zelda's Rescue. Go ahead and get started. Whenever you're done, you can just post your WIP in the project topic (just make sure it's been several days since anyone else released a new track, so they have full attention for a while).

  4. Hi Ben, would love to do a remix for your zelda project. can I work on Zelda rescue?

    Here's some of my work if you wanted to listen www.liamtarpey.com


  5. I downloaded this song about two years ago and I still listen to it today, I absolutely love the original and you couldn't have chosen a better way to remix it. You're a sick piano player and this remains for me one of the best things I've heard on here. Congratulations!
  6. I'd not overdo the mids as it makes the guitar sound tinny...