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  1. I'm putting together a CD called "StuPid ReMix" (well, that's just what I'm going to end up scribbling in Sharpie on the top) -- basically, all of the VGM remixes I have that are funny, stupid, beyond definition, or otherwise amuse me in some way or another. This one is definitely going on there, no doubt about it. (And right between "Drunken Moogles at a Piano" -- not an OC ReMix, regrettably -- and "8 bit Eighties".) I don't really have much to add to the commentary on this ReMix -- except that the volume is WAY too high (i.e., excessive to the point of some distortion). As has already been mentioned, I'd love to have a comprehensive list of where all of the samples are originally from, but that'd probably ruin the randomness of it all, wouldn't it? Still, I wouldn't mind knowing whether I'm just insane (a definite possibility) or I really AM hearing "Magi-karp!" in there somewhere... --Reichu
  2. "Jurassic Park" for SNES was a really fun game (but ultimately diabolical in lacking any save or password features), with a handful of songs that are really quite good, if a bit overlooked. (The SNES sequel, if a bit crappier in terms of gameplay, also has some sw33t songs... A remix of the jungle song would be so ::drool::, but nevermind that.) The track texxsound chose to remix plays when you're traversing the mountainous areas (but I guess his title gives that part away ::}) and is easily my absolute favorite from the game: Very trancey, but also tranquil, with a pan flute that simply rocks -- not what one would normally expect from the SNES. Interestingly, that is where texxsound's rendition initially lost me -- the flute in the original sounded -much- better, in my opinion, and in some ways it MADE the song for me. But if I look past the flute in "Gipsy New Age Dance", this remix has some very nice qualities -- that guitar is beautious and, as a whole, it offers a fresh and fully functional ::> perspective of the original, which in VGM remixes is every bit a good thing. I won't be giving your panflute any doggy treats, texxsound, but this may yet grow on me. [bTW, if anyone wants an MP3 of the original song to compare, buzz me by e-mail.] --Reichu
  3. I have never played "Kid Icarus", nor have I heard its music in its original chippy splendor, something I intend to amend one of these days... At any rate, this is an OC ReMix that I've liked for quite some time now. I'm usually more of a tranquil-instrumental-type personality, but I'm always on the lookout for technoey-trancey-type stuff (I am a complete imbecile when it comes to categorizing music, so "technoey-trancey" is the best I can do) to groove to, and this most certainly qualifies. Although there are certain elements of repetition here, there is also plenty of variety, ultimately making this piece heavily listenable. And, even without having heard the original song in its in-game context, "Funky Dungeon" gives me a distinct impression of some vast, dark tomb -- must be the slightest "Egyptian" flavor I get out of it, particularly at the beginning. Excellent work, and having the distinct honor ::} of making one of my "Reichu's Trancey Digz" CDs (you know, for listening to in the car, and such). Me likes Mazedude.
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