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  1. Emu hit the arrangement side, so I'll hit production more:

    Pretty cool groove here as a foundation. Synths are on the basic side here, but seems to be the style you're going for as well and also par the course for Earthbound as I understand it. I still feel like more could be done, though, to make the synths more interesting. Filters, effects, unexpected stuff (a la Mazedude) could make things more interesting.

    The drum loop really could use some variation as it basically keeps a static pattern throughout the song (I did hear the fills near the end, but each time it's the same fill repeated). I'd say that's the biggest gripe of mine on the track.

    The bass synth isn't bad, but I did notice it started to grate on my ears a bit after a while.

    Anyway, all said cool track here and pretty catchy, I just feel like it has a bit more potential :).

    It would be easy to add filters and cuts and other tricks, but thats not the style of this song. The sum of the parts is what should grab you, if it doesn't, then the song is just not your style.

    The drums are indeed static throughout the song. The style is sort of a lazy-esque groove. I could knock about with little fills and changeups but the song doesn't require that level of complexity.

    If I was going to change the bass, I'd need to hear more complaints about it than just one. Could be an opinion thing. So far all the comments I have on youtube haven't raised any concerns about it, so I'll wait on that.

  2. Pretty tight remix here. It might be a little too close to the original, I think if this went to the judges panel it would probably boil down to a judgment call. On the one hand, it's pretty close to the source melodies and you don't vary it up a ton, but there's certainly plenty of adjustments that give this song its own unique character. It definitely feels Earthbound-y.

    I'm not really sure if this would pass, I'd have to think a while on it. However, I really enjoyed your take on the theme and think you should try submitting anyway if you feel like, just to see what happens. Good luck and thanks for sharing a cool mix!

    Glad you liked it... I don't see how this would be too close to the original considering all the changes I made. The only thing that is kept the same is the notes in the lead. Changing those wouldn't make much sense as they are very simple and I am not a fan of dawdling with them simply because it hath been decreed that a remix requires dawdling. Most of my remixes take this path... Funk out the bass, change up the drums, at layers of effects and build segways; but keep the leads as they are. That's what makes the track recognizable and what I think makes fans happiest. It's what I like at least

  3. Hello my friend,

    To answer your questions:

    Thicker drums could be achieved in many ways. You could put a compressor on them or a gate. You could layer some more on top as has been mentioned previously. If you do layer the drums, try putting some chrous on one of the layers to give the drums some added depth.

    Drum composition tutorials can be found en masse on youtube.

    The mix is a bit too quiet... the bass needs more power definitely. Can barely hear the wub wub. It is an interesting chillaxing style you've got here. The switch up from hip hop to dubstep is pretty cool but if the drop was harder it would be more awesome.. keep working at it

    hope that helps

  4. Actually, they're trying to approximate objective judgement in as much as that's possible with music. But yeah, I agree that while your mix has some pleasant sonic textures, it doesn't feel like it's actually going anywhere.

    PrototypeRaptor made a remix that's stylistically pretty similar, but actually was so good that it got a direct post, so I wouldn't say it's a matter of genre bias in this case. Maybe you can lift some ideas from his mix.

    It's not meant to go anywhere... for me, the source is about a tight groove. A few minutes to bob your head. It's not meant to "go anywhere".

    I heard PR's mix. Yea, it's good, but I wouldn't call it stylistically similar at all. Both songs have house elements but he's going for an american electro sort of sound and I'm going for something a bit deeper and cheekier.

    But that's almost case in point; PR's remix is good in it's own right. It's not the same as mine. Some people will like it, others won't. A quick look in the comments for his track reveals that many people don't like the compression he's used, which he clearly used stylistically.

  5. Well, when I say "remixes that OCR likes" or something similar to that, I'm talking about how well they fit the submission standards not how well everyone on OCR will like the remix. A lot of times, judges have had to reject remixes that they openly adored because of issues like the one with your mix. It doesn't really have anything to do with OCR "liking" your remix, but rather how well it fits to the submission standards and the criteria they judge mixes on. It's definitely not an arbitrary judgment, but... I'm rambling.

    Here's ThaSauce, in case you didn't figure it out yourself: http://remix.thasauce.net/

    Thx for the link to the sauce, I already submitted it there :)

    Denying remixes they liked because they didn't fit the standards is just the opposite side of the spectrum. What I would think works best is some combination of abiding by the rules and sonic judgement. If my mix is repetitive... that's what it is supposed to be... a ton of video game music is repetitive, so it strikes me as odd to denounce repetition.

  6. Thanks for listening Patrick

    I'm glad you liked it. In reality, the song was made just for you and others who like the source and can appreciate the mix.

    Repetition on this one was definitely intentional... although it would not be too hard to put in a little segway here or there

    The track is meant to be something I can drop fairly easily in one of my DJ sets, it's here to be appreciated

    the chrono cross remix was cringeworthy for me, but that's an opinion thing. I hate trance of that variety :neutral:

    the g n g mix u linked to was pretty good but perhaps that track is less dancefloor friendly and more headphone friendly. The changeups felt a bit forced at times, other times they worked really well. It's definitely a great mix but different than what I'm going for. That doesn't mean I couldn't add something to my mix, however

    Anyhow, I might submit this, maybe... depends... not sure... but really its just for the people, so if the people decree it be so, I shall submit it!

  7. First things first I know you're going for a wall of sound but turn things down because it all sounds distorted. Also, I'm not quite buying your bass, it sounds you're just controlling the filter which, while it always a good start, good dubstep basses generally have a "morphing" quality to them, try automating some other parameters as well.

    suggestions for what parameters I could muck with? I'm only playing with the LFO, the freq and the release

    The arp synth needs to either go or be modified because at the moment its just busy as hell without any really purpose. If your bass is busy enough you don't need another synth blasting at 180mph, let the bass drive the track. As it is its just kinda in annoying. Try getting some hats in there instead of the synth to help drive the track as well.

    I know what you mean, but 'busy' is kind of my style. This is dubstep because of the half time beat and the wub wub... I know that normally dubstep doesnt have a prominent lead in the mix normally.

    Overall though I just don't feel a strong groove to this track, which is what a good dubstep track needs more than anything else.

    perhaps that opinion? It is a bit different than most of the stuff OCR accepts, but I'm really just posting this for ppl to listen to if they want

    Overall I like the concept and the source s interesting enough that you can go places with this remix, but I don't really feel like its there yet. Work on focusing your theme a bit more, at the moment I've probably listened to your remix two or three times now and nothing is really sticking out, I'm not going to be humming this in 5 minutes. But as said before, I like the concept and this definitely has the potential to be interesting, I especially like the little breakdown build-ups thing you have, but I'd also take another stab at it.

    Ok, and I like the feedback... I was trying to add something to the typical dubstep mix but when I do a final master of the track I will consider what you've said for sure

  8. Hmm...It has potential. I am not familiar with dubstep, but I like the glitchiness you have going, but that seems to be all the track is, a glitchy mess. I tuned it out after the first 30 seconds. There was nothing catchy about it and it just seemed to go on and on.

    I would also reitterate what Vagrance said. Change the bass. Prototype Raptor has an excellent dubstep version of the Zelda underworld theme that I would suggest you take a listen to.

    Again, try to make your bass more interesting as well as the drums. They tend to get lost in the chaotic mess.

    You're going in the right direction, but I think it needs a lot of work before this gets subbed.

    Yea I listened to PR's mix. It's excellent, but different than mine.

    I'm doing alot of things that are not conventional for a dubstep track... also, the sound is not supposed to be a smooth flowing groove... perhaps you don't like the style but I think others will

  9. Thx FS,

    This track might be a bit different than your average dubstep track. I did want the snare to be less poppy than they usually are in most dubsteps. Same with the bass, I wanted the wobble, but I wasn't going for the popular high end bass sound here because that just wouldn't have mixed with the melody in the high end.

    Did you listen to the youtube or mp3 version? I did play with the stereo a bit, but I'm going for a wall of sound, so everything should sound "as one". For dubstep, i think drums and bass will ride the middle for the most part and I wanted the highs to blanket the track with the high end

    I will be doing a final album version sometime in the future, so perhaps it will change slightly. Thx for listening :)

  10. Hey all,

    My first true Dubstep track here. I love the music from Zelda 2 and I think I've got something worth listening to here. Feedback appreciated! I should say that I ventured off the Dubstep track for parts of this song, so I'm not interested in any genre nerds telling me this isn't true dubstep...


    Youtubez - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy993QELIVw

    Download - http://www.donimusic.com/soundfiles/The-Adventure-of-Link_-_Battle-Theme_-_Doni-Dubstep-Remix.mp3

    Source -

  11. Where have I been? Stuck in a hole with only my beats and time... haha

    Ok guys, I'll try to do something with the strings, but I'm truly going for robot synthonic with that who intro bit. I'll mess with the ASDR and try to add some chorus or something to spice it up a bit.

    BP: I'm still a bit butthurt about my CT remix being denied for sampling the original game music.. so I think I'll just leave that one alone

    Doctor D: About your harder, faster, stronger tip - maybe. I'm going for slight cheese effect in the production. So I'm not trying to fully grease up every detail. I'd maybe add another section to the song that had a bit more dirtiness to it

    I'll upload an mp3 when I get a chance to... thanks all

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