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  1. I happened into some tickets for PAX East; is anyone else going? Trying to figure out what to do, since I'm not interested in most of the talks; and most of the people I know that are going are manning a booth, performing, etc.

  2. 8 hours ago, TheChargingRhino said:

    Which is....?

    A magical drop clone. Still need to settle on an art style for it and figure out how deep I want to go into single player features. I also haven't looked through all of the documentation for the platform(s) I'm trying to target, either, which will probably be an exciting use of a weekend sometime in the next three months or so. Platform holders and publishers are both traditionally against fun and happiness.

    There's a lot of cool stuff I'd like to do with it, but I also want to ship it eventually. I'll probably need to cap my scope in 3-4 months and then slog through it. It's a bit slow-going because it's mostly a weekends project. Good part is that I'm not reliant on it being successful. Hoping for an early December release.

  3. You can get several run attempts in within two hours, and a run to completion will not take two hours. It's a fine game for the format.

    I'd also take a look at some of the classics on GOG; they're also remarkably cheap. MOO2 is $3.50 (lol 2 hours though). UT2k4 is $2.50. You might want to make sure you have a couple games with multiplayer.

    If you like Roller Coaster Tycoon, you might also be interested in OpenTTD.

  4. 1 minute ago, DusK said:

    I did. All that happened was I ranked up while playing Widowmaker. :(



    Widowmaker is bad right now. You're just going to have to accept that. It's not like it's illegal to play her.

  5. 1 minute ago, DusK said:

    Interesting to note that Mercy, Hanzo, and Ana have lower win rates than Widowmaker, yet everyone's like "bring another healer instead" or "use Hanzo because hitbox". XD

    try clicking the "competitive" button

  6. 1 hour ago, AngelCityOutlaw said:

    Interesting. My point about symmetra though is that I'd much rather have a healer support than her.

    If I'm at a point with a huge walk-up, I'd rather have the teleporter. Assuming the symmetra can keep it up.

    Teleporter is an absolutely bananas decrease in time to effectiveness after a death. The problem is that if the symmetra can't keep the TP up, she's not very useful. Also assuming I have two supports..

    I wish the stat sites had breakdowns by league. I don't particularly care who is good at silver or gold.

    1 minute ago, DusK said:

    Other peoples' Widowmakers being unable to win games =/= my Widowmaker being unable to win games. This is still a L2P issue. Most people don't know how to play Widowmaker, I guess.

    You are so incredibly wrong. Unless you're ranked significantly higher than I would imagine. Even then, you're still wrong. Widowmaker globally is not as effective as other champions as the game stands today. Anyone with a consistently high win rate on her seems to have a consistently high (and generally higher) win rates on other characters.

    It's not really a question of whether she has a bad win rate. Though it's an interesting question as to why. I've already posited my thoughts above.

  7. The biggest problem I see with widow is that a bunch of maps just aren't set up for her. Lots of small corridors, or a control point with little visibility from the outside. On the maps where she has reasonable places to sit, she can get pretty good kills; she won't contest the point at all though, so she at minimum needs 1 kill every engagement just to break even.

    She's also currently sitting at an abysmal win rate in ranked play. There's probably a reason for that. It probably isn't that "people can't aim".

  8. 2 hours ago, Neblix said:

    After playing 60-ish hours of Hanzo I feel compelled to say he still needs some work.

    I think the problem so far is that they're trying to focus on his damage output and methods to try and balance him and not enough on his overall kit. So they're doing this weird dance where they're playing with his hitbox and arrow speed to figure out what makes him technically "balanced".

    However playing Hanzo is still only kind of viable and generally kind of unfun, because he has really bad movement problems. Hanzo's only mobility is his wall climb, and the wall climb registration is inconsistent af in this game. If you're caught as Hanzo, generally speaking, you're pretty much dead on the spot. You don't really have a lot of escape opportunities, or things that can viably buy you time to get out, unless you're in a location where the wall situation is convenient. Contrast with Widowmaker, who has a grapple hook, and Ana, who has her heal grenade that can give her a decent tipping of scales.

    While he's technically very strong in the math, the experience of playing him still leaves a bit to be desired. I don't really feel the same kind of confidence and control as I do when I visit some other Heros. And I'd have no issue with them nerfing some of his damage aspects in order to grant him better control and versatility. I think buffing his damage to compensate for his rigid gameplay style would imbalance it too much, especially for the "git gud" players who don't care.

    tl;dr His ideal style right now focuses too much on preventing bad situations, and basically leaves hollow his ability to react to bad situations already occurring. I think they could keep his balance where it's at right now but shift the playstyle to be more accommodating.

    My experience with hanzo is pretty dissimilar to yours. The arrow speed buff helped him out quite a bit, and I don't have a lot of problems in the near game 1v1 except vs tracer, genji, mei, and reinhardt. Scatter arrow can 0-100 just about the entire cast, and his ult charges at a really dumb rate. I've found he's best on payload maps (attacking and defending), because you have mobile cover or an easy target. The vision is also useful for setting up headshots; doubly so on flanking areas.

    His problem is that he isn't a 'sniper' even though he's billed as one. Comparing him to widowmaker/ana doesn't make a lot of sense because he doesn't do the same things. His kit is built for area denial, but on most maps junkrat is just better at that.

    Have you tried just.. playing him differently? It sounds like you're just hiding behind a wall at distance and shooting arrows, which doesn't work nearly as well in my experience.

  9. Game history and preservation is a thing that (some) people care about. A lot has been done for early games; atari, colecovision, etc. Modern games are fairly secure, in that organizations no longer throw away the source after titles ship. There is a period of about 20 years (~1980-2000) where preservation efforts have been somewhat lacking and organizations often did not care to archive their work. Eg, the source to Panzer Dragoon Saga has been lost (which is one of the reasons it hasn't been released elsewhere).

    Another concern is the loss of online services and online games. Blizzard has indicated they did not preserve historical DB schemas/data for WoW, so old versions are lost to time.

    There are interest groups and preservation societies working to record games history, though their funds and industry buy-in are severely lacking compared to film. If this interests you, you can reach out through your public or a nearby university library.

  10. 5 hours ago, Brandon Strader said:

    I am, I read about 50% of it approximately, will check it over again and finish it probably tomorrow. Did OCR get some kind of certificate when they became an LLC? Saw one of those recently.
    I've been a stickler for details, some of which might be pretty sensitive, but I'm basically a Meeseeks--once it's solved to satisfaction you'll see me disappear. That more or less was accomplished after much push back and forward, though the way I was demonized by djp is still really embarrassing, especially after all these years. He may be really mad at me but that's par for the course; things seem to have resolved pretty positively for the situation as a whole regardless of anyone's personal feelings. Ultimately I think most of this could have been avoided if the information was introduced first (two months ago). It was a ton of fighting and misinformation and arguing over stuff, because nobody knew anything, and it took a couple days before satisfying answers were even shared. And maybe now people are pissed at me cause like chicken little I said the sky was falling. Like chicken little I acted on what I knew at the time. Like chicken little I can be a bit of an asshole when I'm sharing opinions, but people love chicken little anyway. 

    At any rate I may have been extremely careless with some of my messages, but I did not have malicious intent. Careless, but not intent. 

    LLC ownership cert things cost a bit extra and don't really do much other than give you something to hang on a wall.. They don't make an org more or less legitimate.

  11. Just now, Neblix said:

    If people want to have their voices heard, they need to make them heard; otherwise it's just noise from the void. If these people aren't going to back up anything they say, or inform themselves of what's actually going on outside of what Brandon Strader is framing it to be, their concerns are moot.

    If people do not want to be doxed due to previous (perceived or real) mob behavior, that's a totally rational thing. I don't see the need to dox anyone in this case.

  12. 1 minute ago, djpretzel said:

    There is no "monetization plan" - there is just the enabling of ads on YouTube. That's it. As for projects, at present, we don't post every project mix to YouTube. We used to, but we don't anymore. That could change, but right now from albums what we DO post is submitted & approved ReMixes. Anything that gets submitted is subject to the same content policy that albums are. The project consent agreement references the exact same policy. Your concern about "monetization" would be just as valid back in 2013, with regard to banner ads on the website, as it is in 2016 relative to YouTube ads. If it's the same exact policy that's being agreed to, I think you know the answer - the policy would be applied the same, across the board. Albums would not have a special exception to the content policy, compared to mixes. Why are you suggesting that contributing to an album should grant you special/different privileges than contributing a mix to the site? Why would artists in one context be treated preferentially? We've never done that in the past, and I'm confused as to why anyone would think that would be a good, or clear/intuitive, approach...

    Does anyone other than @Brandon Strader want to chime in and support the idea that album contributions should have a different content policy / agreement than individual submissions?

    I think they should have the same policy, if only to reduce confusion.

    Though given the relatively small amount of revenue generated from ads, it may be worth cutting them to give users a better viewing/listening experience. I don't know what OCR's forward looking budget looks like though.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Neblix said:

    Okay, so answer this other question, then:

    Why, in your scenario, is compensating other outside parties for doing work for OCR different by principle than compensating OCR's own staff for doing the same tasks (assuming they had time, obviously)? 

    Because there are a significant number of hoops all parties need to jump through to ensure that the actions are in line with the interests of the organization.

    For small transactions, this is typically a non-issue, but for significant contracts you want to ensure that you get the best output for the best price. You would not just give a contract for several months of work to someone without ensuring that the bid is fair. It may be fair. That's not the issue. The issue is that you would need to check. Presumably when you're soliciting outsiders, you're soliciting more than one and this becomes less an issue. When soliciting outsiders, care also needs to be taken to note any conflicts around that outsider and members of your organization. Any interested party would need to recuse themselves from involvement in related decisions. While I'm familiar with many of these considerations, it is not my area of expertise, so I would prefer not to delve into the minutiae. I assure you there is quite a bit of minutiae.

    Needless to say, this is an area for which these 'questions' have been decided long ago; it's not really a topic of debate. Treating it as such will not make it one.

    If you're really interested in learning about this, look into sales processes and contract negotiation, along with their ethical considerations esp as relates to charities.

  14. 5 minutes ago, Neblix said:

    So why are you participating in this thread if you're not going to say anything of substance and are outright refusing to do so when prompted? Why are you wasting your own time and mine? I asked you to plainly state your point, you continue to demonstrate that you perhaps don't actually even have one.

    I did state my point. Quite plainly. I have nothing to add to it because it's not even really a question, it's just how things work.

    If you do not understand the discourse, this is not my problem and perhaps you should take some initiative to educate yourself.

  15. 5 minutes ago, Brandon Strader said:

     Getting increasingly skeptical and disinterested  as questions are danced around instead of answered,  while money is still being made off of the videos...  No company would get this much leeway  and get to sit on their thumb for this many days.  If you're monetizing everything and nothing's changing then just say that so I can pull everything down and move my projects off site

    What are you even on about?

  16. 36 minutes ago, Neblix said:

    Can you please lay out your point in plain english? None of this answers my question. Why are you so hellbent on being cryptic? I ask you how paying outside people is principally different than paying inside people, you tell me that "an organization must act in the interests of its goals not in the interests of its constituent members", so I ask if by that you mean the act of paying inside people for work is acting in the interests of its constituent members (which would, logically, mean that is the principal difference, so perfectly valid point), but you tell me no (so that's not the point, we're back at square one), so I ask you to clarify what you mean then, and now you're linking me to broad topics on wikipedia.

    At this point I'm actually figuring the answer was "yes, that is what I'm saying" and you're just being needlessly difficult about it and sore about the fact that someone didn't immediately understand the intention of what you were saying and feel insulted that you're being prompted for more detail and clarification.

    It is not what I said though, nor does it follow. I have neither the time, inclination, or responsibility to educate you on corporate ethics or how business is transacted among organizations.

  17. 5 hours ago, AngelCityOutlaw said:

    I have a question related to Bonkers' post.

    If you become an NPO and you're making all this money from Patreon, Ad-Revenue etc. what happens to all the surplus (and there is surplus, right?) in say, 20 years and OCR closes down? Do we all really believe that this site is going to be around forever? Is DJP still going to be running it in his old age? What happens after he dies?

    $2,269 per month via Patreon is an amount of money the average musician and even many people with full-time jobs would be envious of, but I doubt the site costs that much to keep it going.

    NPO or not, there is going to be money, possibly quite a sizable sum left over after years and years of accumulation. What happens to that when OCR no longer exists? It must go somewhere. 

    The surplus goes into the organizations accounts to further the purposes of the organization. FIFA has a ~$1.5B reserve, for instance. This is not booked as profit, through some amount of financial wizardry.

    I would expect the OCR organization would be run by someone other than DJP at some point. Corporations very often outlive their founders. Based on his time availability and stated interests, I don't doubt that succession of the organization could happen relatively soon. Leaving him a role more aligned to his interests; eg, site design/maintenance. That's really up to DJP though.

    I'm not familiar with the process for closing NPOs, but I would assume funds remaining after legal fees would go to an NPO with a related mission. Based on my understanding of the current structure, all funds would go to DJP. I do not believe this would be the case after conversion to a 501c organization. The issue of tons of money left over seems odd though, as successful organizations don't typically just fold.

  18. 2 hours ago, Neblix said:

    I'm asking you to clarify what you said, because I don't understand how it answers my question. I asked why contracting outside work instead of internally contracting work is different in principle, and you responded by saying the organization needs to act in accordance with its goals, not the interests of its constituent members. If how I interpreted that isn't correct as you say, then you need to explain what you're saying instead of just saying it.





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