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  1. It's a bit to repetitive for me... but it is pretty good... Keep up the good work!
  2. Undeniably beautiful Soothing, relaxing, everything that Jazz gives us. I am falling a sleep to this music tonight...
  3. Thanx! I will try them, before I do, do you know which one, if any of them, has a keyboard built into the program? Like an actual music MAKER, not a music morphor...
  4. I am new to this, actually, I have been downloading off of this site for over 5 years! But I never got into remixing or even registering to this site... Is there any way to get a free remix maker? Like one where you won't even need to have a keyboard or anything, it's all on the program? Is there such thing? Or am I gonna have to fork over a couple hundred just to get started in something I might not even be good at...
  5. 10/10!!!!! Just plain awesome! It doesn't start that great to me... But it ends incredibly! Exactly at 3:00 is when it really starts to sounds awesome... One of the best Mega man Remixes I've ever heard... Up there in my top remixes of all time... I is in awe!
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