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  1. I'm going by the Whip that Head Boi mp3, assuming that's your latest version. I like what you're doing here. There are a few things I'd like to point out for you. Between 0:25 and 0:52 it sounds a bit cluttered. It's a bit hard to make out exactly what's going on there, and the bass line loses some of it's punch. I like your build up to the 1:00 mark and then going into the main part of the song. Eventually it slows down again and you go into the more quiet part. I love the silent part with the bass line taking the front again and then building up with the synths to the finale. The finale
  2. Star Ocean 3 was the first in the series I played, and I love it. The battle system, the look of the game and the characters just clicked with me. And the soundtrack is just plain awesome. The story isn't necessarily a high point, but I've finished the game and that's not someting I can say about a lot of games. I got a used copy of SO2 for the PS1 later on, and I almost finished that one. I got sick, so I had a lot of time then . It's a really fun game too. I should probably find the time to finish it sometime.
  3. Hello, I'm Brainfog! I'm a videogame nut and a music nut, so naturally I like videogame music. I play a little bit of guitar and I'm also studying to become a Sound Engineer, so I want to start making my own tracks soon. I hope I can become a Remixer here, but for now I'm just a forum-dweller. Greetz!
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