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    5 foot 10 inches tall, 145 lbs, dirty blonde hair, Bluegreen eyes. Enjoy halo 3 Ninja Gaiden 2 and some of the other fun games. Not an audiophile but enjoy a good remix as much as the next guy.
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    Sang some of the rockband songs :D

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  1. I'm diggin' the bonsai trees yo.

  2. I think that is Jamie Lannister (Also known as the king slayer(Note the blood of a king on his blade)) sitting on the throne in that picture. Looking forward to reading "A Dance With Dragons" and also the Novellas, which I didn't even know about till you mentioned them here.
  3. Check that throne out dudes, its made of swords from past kings. Legend has it if you aren't fit to be king the throne will kill you.
  4. Unless you get several tries and can memorize the map
  5. I have Pixel junk monsters, savage moon, and FF Crystal defenders. I would say Pixel junk monsters was the most fun of the three, but I had a buddy to play co-op with makes games a lot more fun. Savage moon I haven't played much but it had a nice twist smarter enemies and they can move anywhere on the map so you have to create gauntlets to funnel them threw.
  6. I actually really did think the game was fun other than the AI not working with you at all. When I get my xbox back I will hit you guys up for a game lol.
  7. I tried the trial version but the AI was so bad I couldn't stand it I'm sure PVP would be much more fun , but I don't really have many XBL friends(I'm that big of a loser )
  8. I'm thinking...I'm thinking.. yeah Full control of your character with lightning fast reflexes, I admit that Nintendo's characters help but if some one made a game with completely new completely boring characters with no storyline and the same multilayer action and control. I would play it. The point is some one could make a game with style grace and appealing characters if they would just put some effort into it. Capcom, Marvel, and Square Enix don't lack the funds or characters to make a bad ass game like smash brothers melee
  9. I do have that game it does feel some what similar to smash bros but it only has like 2 attacks. I do give them credit for at least trying. To Ramaniscence I guess I wasn't completely clear on what smash brothers I was talking about so I can see why you would make comments on unbalance, although I don't understand what it is you are complaining about every game has to work on balance and there is never really any way to make it perfectly balanced unless you are all using the same character. Smash brothers melee in my mind is the greatest 'Fighting'(not party) game that has ever been built. Granted you have to do a few things to take the competition to a new level. I played no Items 3 live stock and got rid of levels where characters had a super amount of advantage over all the other characters. There was obviously some characters that were just better but I mean what game doesn't have this problem? Look at street Fighter 4 Sagat isn't even allowed to be used in alot of competitions. Square enix easily has a roster big enough for this type of game, capcom, marvel...I could probably think of more. It's not like you need 40 characters, 15 would be pleanty and probably easier to balance.
  10. There is one thing I would like to say to a lot of game designers in the industry, "Please...please.. pleaseeee try your damn games before you publish them." Some times I boot games up and go to play them and the problems are so obvious and so frustrating I wonder if the game had ever been tested. I do feel like I may have become overly picky about the games I can stand, but at $60 a title I think it's not unreasonable that I be rediculous about what I like. What exactly are you designing zircon? I find myself with much more respect for small time game designers, they are usualy the ones that produce games that are actually fun.
  11. I went with the wii for my first nextgen console and I think I did the right thing because I don't know if I could have played it much after the 360 and the ps3. I have all 3 consoles. I play the 360 the most, and hate it the most at the same time, a love/hate relationship. Love the games hate the console and controllers .
  12. I think the economic crisis would be the leading cause for the changes, but I don't feel bad at all if some one can't pull their head out of their @$z and build a game worth playing, they shouldn't sell anything . I would consider myself a hard core gamer and I would say the gaming industry is failing us. Most of the games I end up enjoying are the low budget games built for gaming's sake(most downloadable Arcade games). There is a few games I plan on buying but very few(NG sigma 2, Uncharted 2, FF13.) I mean what happened to ripping off good ideas and making a little coin? Why hasn't some one jacked the Smash Bros fighting style and applied it somwhere else? Yet you see hundreds of 2D Fighting games being produced(Street Fighter, Doa, Blazblue, Mortal Combat, Soul Calibur, tekken, Virtua Fighter, ). Not that I am saying 2D doesn't have a place I think the gaming industry is too hung up on 3D playing fields. Also wtf is the zombie craze can't somone think of the next big thing yet I mean how my weird viral strains can there be that turn people into flesh craving morons?
  13. I don't think the ps3 would have any more of a problem processing the same thing as the xbox. I do think however the sales of NGII were effected by the amount of blood and violence so they toned it down. Perhaps they should have just given an intensity option. An option to turn the blue smoke to blood and how many particles were produced when somthing was dismembered. As I said though they did not 'remove' blood from the game just toned it down in a few ways the blood splatters still hit the ground and walls. Personaly I wouldnt have minded them leaving the blood from dismemberment but the blood splatters were rediculous(10 gallons+ per person) in NGII.
  14. Team ninja has replaced some of the blood and gore for a blue essence/smoke looking effect to make the game less bloody. Many people think this will detract from the game and cause them to not buy this game even though they completely enjoyed NGII. I personaly have become somehow sickly attracted to he blood and gore(of this game) because of NGII but I am looking forward to the change, and plan to buy this game somewhere near release date.
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