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  1. also "cualificar" is misued, it should be calificar or in its less literal translation "aplicar" now aplicar also means apply but also means qualify, it's a semi-false cognate cualificar means to count volume, to measure.
  2. I ahve one of those psp 3000 but i lack the good TV! anyways, you can't flash the new ones.... yet. hwoever the are neat. all I need now is a 12gb memory and a good tv
  3. yeah you can do solo if you're good enouhg, of course with a group its way better.
  4. I was watching tv and they showed a commercial for a singing contest basically, you learn a jingle, make it with your own style, film it, and submit the video. 5 grand to the winner http://www.dothejingle.com/ they have some funny clips
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