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    I'm in love with the 8-bit sounds of yesteryear.
    Chiptunes for fun, profit, and of course, the win!
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    Game Boy Sequencing (LSDJ)

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  1. I'm in the same exact boat, but with less RAM. Houghton laptops for the...something.
  2. i'm responding now, actually =)

  3. I sent some semblance of a song the other day to your Gmail. Didja get it?

  4. Oofah, I'm really sorry to hear that about your job. I can relate, actually.
  5. Hey Brad, I may end up doing another mix for this project too. GIT'ER DONE!! ah ha, but it wouldn't be just chiptune in this second song. Ohhoo no. *mischievous smile*
  6. Alright Mr. Burr, my Game Boy is packed to the max with sounds for this song. Literally, to the max--I couldn't fit more notes in if I wanted to. I've used up like every hexadecimal sequence in the track. As soon as I've recorded it, which should be tomorrow, you'll have a WIP from me.
  7. Sloopy, uhhh

    What does the site look like? Please tell me there's not a news post from July 2008 on the front page... If so we're STILL having a really crazy issue with the site - don't worry, I think if you wait a while [like a day] it just goes back to normal.

  8. eep! Say, OverCoat, I'm not able to log onto AnimeRemix anymore...in fact, the entire site seems to have changed since the last time I was on there, and it won't recognize me. Any helpful hints for me?

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