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  1. I thought about getting a DSi, but knowing that it doesn't have a GBA slot kinda makes me have doubts. I mean, yeah, I still have my GBA laying around, but it's not a GBA SP, and I'd rather not have to bring 2 handhelds with me when I go places (i.e. cottage for a week), lol. Though.....I'd have to bring 2 if I wanted to play my old GBC games, anyway. But yeah, my DS Lite seems to be working fine, even if there's a crack on one of the hinges, I've duct taped over.
  2. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance? I remember that...traded it for Advance Wars Dual Strike over on GameTZ or something...at least I THINK that's what happened to it. Also, as horrid as the voice acting in Resident Evil Director's Cut, I have to admit it's one of the reasons I'll probably never get rid of that game.
  3. I must admit, my opinion on TWEWY is well, quite different from yours. When I first picked it up and played it, the whole way it was put together just felt like such a breath of fresh air. I got it in....I think August, and it's still the game that's predominantly in my DS (as opposed to CT DS, Mario Kart DS, or New Super Mario Bros for example). And as odd as it may be to say, some of the music's actually pretty catchy, I think.
  4. Yeah, I'd heard Hotel Dusk is kind of like that. Though, I'm guilty of hoarding spheres from that one early fight in FFX where you can just sit there for hours and get 99 without problem. But if it's any redemption, I stopped before 30, lol.
  5. I used a Gameshark to max out all my allies' likeness in Vanguard Bandits so I've seen every ending except bad ending, that's ironically easiest to get. I also stumbled across spoilers for Star Ocean: TTEOT when I started it and had no desire to finish, the same thing happened when I had the last bit of FFVIII shown to me when I was on disc 4, AND in FFX after I'd gotten to Zanarkand (which pissed me off, since I'd been really liking the game before that and just got turned kinda 'urgh' on it for something that wasn't even a result of getting sick of it or anything (since I hadn't/haven't).Oh, and hard as it is to believe, I just can not find Super Metroid that good, really, liked Castlevania Circle of the Moon or Aria of Sorrow better. But yeah...I haven't beaten Super Mario Bros 1-3. Really, only one of those platformer Mario games I've beaten is Super Mario World. Sad, I know.
  6. I have to agree that bandwidth limit might pose a problem for some people uploading things. But I don't know like, how big of an issue it'd be, For example, I've got a 10 gig down/10 gig up a month limit on my Cable connection so...
  7. For those that care, I went and put Thieves of Fate up on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=EE202E6158D529A3 It could just be my headphones but the sound quality sounds all right to me. Just throwing it out there.
  8. I've heard good things about this game and have been meaning to try it actually. Most people I know from the Smashboards seem to think that Gouken is generally good, and in the past yeah, the shotos have been easy to pick up. I hear Dan is actually a legit decent character this go around. How does Sakura handle? I've played the Alpha games/MvC2/SvC a good bit (she was oddly enough a main of mine) and was wondering if she played like any of those. Though, obviously the SNK vs Capcom Sakura was different from the Marvel vs Capcom 2 Sakura. On the analog vs d-pad subject, I've always found d-pads to be pretty good all around and preferred them over the joystick, but I've noticed a good bit of Zangief players using the stick.Whether the stick makes the 360 commands easier, I don't know since I haven't tried it.
  9. Don't know about what others have gotten, but I've done some, and they've generally been around 7 megs.
  10. Youtube might be a lot of work but meh, I don't necessarily mind. I'll see how long it takes me to get Thieves of Fate and Chrono Symphonic up there and go from there on whether it's worth keeping up, I'm thinking.
  11. Ah, I get ya. Hm, can't help you there though since my pc's a 3 and a half year old laptop that has (in the past) overheated and shut itself off when I try to either save too long of a video file, too big of a video file, or too many. In other words, my pc's a piece of crap, haha.
  12. Obviously this might sound a bit stupid but, the "batch process" thing is actually a term I haven't heard before, so I'm just wondering if it refers to some complicated process or something. Of course, I could just not be thinking on account of it being 12:25 AM.
  13. Well, you'd still have to combine the video to the mp3 and make that into a file with every remix and then upload it, wouldn't you? Unless you can somehow edit the audio and everything on your Youtube videos by changing all the details and stuff, though something about that seems troublesome as well. But hey, I'm not going to act like an expert on all this, since I unfortunately, am not.
  14. Actually what I meant was saving the video file itself will take significantly longer with an actual video than a still image for obvious reasons regardless of whether audio quality is similar or not due to the sheer differences in frame amounts. Sorry if it came off suggesting something else.
  15. Mostly I'd just be doing things in like, bulk for the sake of trying to have as much heard out there as possible, as opposed to trying to say....recreate FLAC quality audio with it or whatever. Could dunno...do the normal quality thing, and a different higher quality thing for other purposes? Just throwing things out there so uh....don't flame me too badly for it. Oh, and I admit I might have gotten a bit confused as to whether it's HD or HQ, that's the main discussion or whether there's a giant difference, so if I happen to be a bit off with this, then I apologize.
  16. How the resolution of the videos is based partly depends on what video editor you're using. You can use the most basic of things and just use Windows Movie Maker to do things without trouble, or you can do the much more time consuming method with Adobe Premiere. Of course, it should be pointed out that encoding the actual video/mp3 combination with an actual clip as opposed to a still image is a much slower process since you could say, get anywhere from 3-5 with a still image done by the time a video clip one is done depending on the specs of your pc.
  17. Hm, that saves me from doing that one. I know that it tends to take a while. But hey, I'll put up like Thieves of Fate/Chrono Symphonic/Voices of the Life Stream and whatever other ones I have to save people the trouble so that those who think Youtube could work won't have to worry about doing them. Just volunteering so that it's less work for the rest of you guys, if you don't mind.
  18. I heard something similar to that when Youtube first started the HQ stuff, but I also heard it doesn't work, so you'll have to understand that I'm a bit skeptical about whether that'll actually do what it says or not.
  19. I'm not sure the MP4 over FLV encoding thing is actually possible, Moguta, but if anybody knows a simple way to do it, then it could be tried.
  20. Yeah, that SilvaGunner guy apparently spent somewhere around 8-10 months uploading all of those soundtracks. I can see the want for HQ on Youtube, but it would probably make the whole process go a good bit slower, would it not? And, if the base file that's being uploaded to Youtube has a better audio quality beforehand, then would that possibly make it carry over and come off a bit better on Youtube itself than if it wasn't put to a higher quality level before it was put up?
  21. Does HD really change all that much when it comes to actual audio quality though? I mean, I know that since the TV stations switched over to HD there's been an improvement in picture quality, but I haven't noticed any change at all really in sound quality, so it might just be extra hassle for little if it doesn't change much/anything. Of course, I could be way off on this whole thing.
  22. Hm, I've never actually heard of imeem, is there anything specific or special about it? Just out of curiousity.
  23. Hm, I know the topic starter mentioned Youtube, and this actually this brings me up to something I was wondering about. A while ago I was thinking about uploading OCR albums onto my Youtube account in playlists as a way to sort of get more people to hear it or make some more people aware of the site, but I decided against it because I thought that I might be giving off the wrong impression if I did it without asking. I was kinda worried people might think I was trying to downplay the hard work that must gointo those albums. So, my question is, if I wanted to upload OCR albums onto my Youtube account ( http://www.youtube.com/user/SpanishFly120 ), while obviously giving credit to the remixers and people working on the project, would I be able to get permission to do so? If the answer's 'no', then I'll obviously understand.
  24. I would think the obvious games to get would be Capcom vs SNK, Marvel vs Capcom 2, RE: Code Veronica, and Soul Calibur. However, both of the Sonic Adventure games for DC are really good, and there's a relatively unknown racing game called Speed Devils that I've always thought was quite fun.
  25. Well, yeah, I've heard about that. But apparently the 360 can be just as bad, though I get your point. Say though...you wanted to see a made for TV movie from 10 years ago that was never going to be released and your only way to see it was via downloading/piracy. Is that really wrong?
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