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  1. Incredible! What a great way to support all these great artists, and make it easier for them to vacuum out my wallet Thank you all so much for everything you continue to do!
  2. I listen to Uematsu's music almost daily, so I'm happy to just be able to help the cause Keep on rockin'!
  3. Yay, I'm so happy the goal was met, I contributed what I could Congrats to everyone who supports and contributes to OCR in whatever way they can :]
  4. Hey guys, I just made a $20 donation, but since I did the "Pay Now" option with my PayPal account it didn't let me put my name as a note or anything. Anyway, you guys provide almost all the music I listen to, so I plan on contributing regularly
  5. This is great news; I'm so sad, though, because I can't get Rainwave to work at... work Because of our firewall. Now that I have to pay for last.fm seems like I will just have to bring all my mp3's up to work :/
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