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  1. This mix is pretty good. It has a nice, calm tone to it throughout the whole song, like one of those relaxation CDs. As Skrypnyk said, though, it's probably a bit too safe. I actually expected to hear the theme from Jolly Roger Bay, as it had that flowing feel to it, so maybe you could try adding that in there somehow. Overall, good but not great. Try to experiment with it a little bit, you'll never know what you may come up with. <( ^ . ^ )>
  2. Long time downloader, first time poster. I found out about OCRemix by going to my local laser tag arena, where they played some amazing remixes, so I thought I'd give it a try. About two years later, and I'm now posting in the forums. I'm not a remixer, as I really don't have the technology to do that, but I would be willing to review a bit. Hope I can fit in here! <( ^ . ^ )>
  3. Even ninja must be seen doing something good every once in a while. I grant you $10. Now I must be off. Ninja, vanish! *throws smoke bomb* <(' . ' )> <( ' . ')> <( ' . ' )> <( ^ . ^>
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