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  1. Hey, man. This is definitely worth finalizing! I loved the more slow, drawn-out, and epic feel it had. Also, I loved the switch between distortion guitar and clean guitar -- it was more than appropriate! In my opinion, the best parts were the times in the song when you played alternate harmonies, straying from the original melody -- especially when you added the slow trills on certain notes. It's stuff like that in which a masterpiece is created. Good work! My only advice would be adding either a key change, or (if you feel it needs to stay in its original key) invent a new chord progression that still fits the changes in melody you created. For instance, the middle part with the clean guitar -- take that time to get a little "too" creative with the chord progression and I think you may very well make it splendid -- in an epic, Zelda way. - Good luck on finalizing it, bro! =P - Word. - J-Pfleg
  2. I'm really impressed with your 2-part arrangement. Bravo! Loved the sax... the sex meister! Hell yes! Anyway, I was in love with that piece just roaming around Traverse Town and you guys have done this justice to the maxx!! I just wish I had the required items to personally record stuff into my computer. - So, yeah..... my two cents would be: - I think it'd be more than fitting for a nicely-added key change, like right after that 2:00 mark... then end the song in the new key. However, I did think the ending was superb -- excellent feel on the last few chords; it really locked everything in and left a good taste in my mouth. - I absolutely agree with a couple of the others (forgot the specific names, sorry) -- adding a neat, little hook on piano towards the beginning would be ideal. In conclusion, I think if you guys did the above two steps, you'd be submitting a masterpiece. Also, the balance between the two instruments is excellent. - Keep up the great work, guys! - J-Pfleg P.S. - Also, to all of the Kingdom Heart fans, check out my "Dearly Beloved" ReMix on my music profile at : myspace.com/jnolanpflegl - I know there are a few areas I can improve, but I'm working on it and any constructive criticism would be more than appreciated. Thanks! Kingdom Hearts 4EVR!! =P
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean and I will definitely revise some of the parts. - Word. - J-Pfleg
  4. J-Pfleg here, looking for some feedback on my remix of "Dearly Beloved" from Kingdom Hearts. Check it out at... myspace.com/jnolanpflegl - Enjoy - J-Pfleg
  5. I remixed "Dearly Beloved" from Kingdom Hearts. I call it "Beginnings of Twilight", but on my page it's labeled as "Dearly Beloved REMIX". - This is my first remix, so I'm just looking from some constructive criticism. - Check it out at: myspace.com/jnolanpflegl - Thanks! =P - J-Pfleg
  6. This is a remix of the song "Dearly Beloved" from the game Kingdom Hearts. It's the main-screen piano theme played while you load/start your game. - I call it "Beginnings of Twilight"... file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/Desktop/Pflegl%27s%20Stuff/Dearly%20Beloved%20REMIX.mp3 I hope to hear some critiques from a lot of people because I'm new to this site as well as remixing. Thank you! =P - J-Pfleg
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