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  1. I'm honestly speechless. What a cool story to read about something @prophetik music and I worked on many years ago. Thank you to everyone for the high praise and to @prophetik music for taking this across the finish line!
  2. Two main ones stick out in my mind. First, I remember playing Pilotwings 64 on a cold Saturday morning the Christmas after I got my N64. I was so excited that I got to miss my piano lesson because weather was really bad (we were getting about 2-3" an hour and it was whiteout conditions). I was playing on Everfrost island where you needed to get through all the rings on the gyrocopter. It was snowing as hard in game as it was outside; I thought that was pretty awesome. Man, I wish they remade that game. Also, I clearly remember having the hardest time beating Exor from Super Mario RPG (yeah, I was a noob gamer, whatcha gonna do). When I finally beat him, I was pumped. My mom kept calling me down right after because it was time for church. I couldn't savor the moment for all that long.
  3. http://phrygian.escariot.net/music/so%20fresh%20snap!%20v3.0.mp3 Hey everyone. I have been working on this piece for several months now, just giving it a few minutes here or there. It's a fun little dance type song made with FLStudio and Rob Papens Predator with some basic drum sounds. Would like to get some feedback on this. This is my 3rd revision on the song and hope to do another one or two before really finalizing it. Any comments/critiques are appreciated! Also, suggestions for a new title would be appreciated. I watched some of the Fensler Film parodies of GI Joe right before I made the first revision. I'd like to part with this name though its brings some lulz to people who know the parodies
  4. Looks awesome. This would be awesome for the website or CD or both! Really well done.
  5. We will definitely work on this next time I see prophet. He is located about 300 miles from where I live now so we might have to do something via internet. I would like to meet up with him and do it live again. This will be finished.....someday.
  6. I'm definitely interested in this. I've got the most skill in piano and with FLStudio/Reason so I will probably make a easy listening/jazzy remix of some song. Haven't decided on what yet. This will be my first song on OCR so it will have to be well polished. Where are we going to post WIP's for commenting?
  7. To be honest, this mix was like a "hey, lets record traverse town in minor." "okay." We weren't really thinking too much about all the details, we wanted to get something scratch down. Our next version will probably eliminate most errors, have the ordainment, and definitely have those clicks out. Triplets sound good, I can agree with that. When I play piano in the next version, i'll try to include these things.
  8. Oh no he didn't! Prophets mom would not approve.
  9. Good point, I over looked that. From a price point, thats a good buy but I always try to futureproof my parts as best as I can and buying something that is already dead technology would seem a bit pointless, even if it is cheap.
  10. HD-DVD is pretty much dead. They are probably trying to get rid of them by selling them for cheap
  11. Thanks for all of the feedback I've been busy with school (as well as phophet), we'll probably record something over the summer. I'll keep you all updated.
  12. Wow, what a wonderful idea. I'll definitely wear a sweater that day. His show was one of the first I watched on television. Even though the main focus of this site is remixing video game music, I might use my skills to remix the theme song (even if its just a recording of the original with different instrumentation) for this day.
  13. Anything by Rush seems to work really well, I've tried Subdivisions, Tom Sawyer, and YYZ; they are all pretty sweet. Also, I usually play Mono mode but techno songs like Sandstorm get way more "available" points in Mono versus other songs, does anyone know how the "traffic congestion" is calculated?
  14. Got this in a forward from a friend, pretty neat concept of a shooter with a music game. Some students from DigiPen created this game, did a pretty great job on it. Impressions? https://typo3.digipen.edu/index.php?id=986
  15. Thanks again to everyone for their help When I recorded this, it was kinda a one-take deal and then we fixed a few notes in Reason. I think for take two, we'll do several takes, see what we like from each, re-record it and go from there. I think I might go down the road of adding strings for version 2.0. Probably won't be until the summer but I'll fool around with it for the time being.
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