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    Hiya, I'm currently a college student attending the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. I plan on transfering into the Art & Design school at my college and become a major in animations or interactive media.
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  1. I'm just about done listening to each and every song to its entirity. I'm currently on the Genesis of Destruction mix, and I'm utterly blown away by the complete epicness of this song. It's so good that I'm lost for words. About all I can say is that it reminds me a lot of Black Wing Metamorphosis in terms of epicness, and that I felt like I just got off of Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster rollercoaster after I finished listening to it. I'm hard pressed to say which is better, so I'll simply say that they both rock out hard. Final Fantasy IV is my favorite Final Fantasy out of the entire
  2. Very nice. I love the retro sounding instruments. Been a while since I've listened to a mix that dominated with these kinds of sounds. Happy and catchy. *claps*.
  3. Oh, this mix is absolutely amazing. When it re-climaxed at around 1:21, I just started subconciously grooving with the song. And I simply love the way the flute was done. The only thing that felt off is the violin section from 2:07 thru 2:37. Something about the violin itself sounded a little off, but combined with the rest of the song was just fine. At 2:22 thru 2:30, the violin sounded a little too loud and didn't give off as much UMPH as I think Blue.Nocturne intended (or rather as much UMPH as I expected). HOWEVER! This is still a very good mix and is going in my hard drive this ver
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