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    I'm a musician and music lover from the Philippines with a taste that could be considered quite different from the general music industry of this country. I love video game music, power metal, orchestral designs and the fusion of all of them together! And if you've heard of LEAF XCEED Music Division, that's my project.
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  1. @pixelwave Thanks! And the sounds come from a gem in the prehistoric era of orchestral VSTs called Edirol Orchestral. Great for light CPU usage opposite to the next EastWest sample library. @Kuolema Thanks for listening! And yes, symphonic metal is one of my specialties, I'll make this happen ^^ @SoundBoard Yep, worked on my mixing since forever and glad to see it's improved! My DAW is FL Studio. It's not about what DAW you have but how you use it of course Anyhow, I may have some disappointing news for anyone who was looking forward to this being finished. All the information you need is here: http://rtnario.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/challenge-postponed/ Sorry for not being able to utilize all the critique you guys gave me, but I believe that this is for the best. Making this may have seemed simple or may have sounded simple, but it completely drained me being something I'm really not. So I apologize that this won't be tried for OCR but I assure you all that someday I'll be back. Thanks for all the support, and see ya in the next.
  2. Thanks for all your constant critique man, really appreciate it! Of course I'm going to expand on this one, since I'm really going to do my best on making this OCR-worthy. Yeah, I know that many great songs don't get accepted into here, regardless of them being, well, great. But to me the real challenge I see is to -actually- get in here *-* The mere fact that only a chosen few make it makes this even more interesting, considering that this is most likely the penultimate video game remix site, and making video game remixes just happens to be one of my biggest passions aside from composing music itself! So I accept the challenge of being able to become what they're looking for, which I can personally say so far has been the biggest test of my flexibility towards remixing because my style is very opposite to what the standards usually look for. I'm gonna keep trying to get there because I enjoy it, and if one day I stop enjoying it then I'll stop trying, simple as that. Until then, I'll be giving it my best shot Anyhow, on topic, I'd still like to ask anyone who happens to pass by (and you too MaestroDaven if you have any more thoughts) and gives this concept a listen their opinion on what can be improved or maybe what I can do next, especially when it comes to arrangement and/or source utilization (that's the trickiest thing for me so far since I love using the exact parts). If you do, thanks in advanced!
  3. @MaestroDaven I see, definitely on the heavier side of things huh? And thanks for commenting on my other mix and the friend invite! @Gario Thin? I've gotten comments about my strings being to treble-ey, is that also what you mean? I gotta EQ that better then, or maybe that suggestion of doubling the melody with a flute, sounded nice in my head. Thanks! Yeah, it was actually pretty complicated to stick with what Hiroki Kikuta originally made and so many times I wanted to just wing it, but even then it didn't sound as nice, so damn he's a genius composer Yep, I'm aware, this is just a sample of my completed work so I can learn more from the advice all you guys give, which I am greatly thankful for and I hope to apply it in all my future works. Glad you liked it!
  4. Hello yet again, this is rtnario and you may know me from the other thread where I tested the waters with Death's Embrace. This here is what I will really, really, want critique for, because it's what I plan to someday submit to OverClocked ReMix and hope that it passes. I need all the help I can get with regards to mixing, arrangement and everything, so if you have time and are interested to help me, I thank you so much in advanced. http://www.mediafire.com/?lprnua95ad8bqyk Original Song: Earth Painting (theme in Mekiv Caverns) Game: Legend Of Mana Composer: Yoko Shimomura It is insanely difficult to try to adjust my arranging style to OCR's, because mine is one that keeps very faithful to the original and enhances it. But here, I'll have to treat this remix as half my own original composition using the melodies from the source. This is my first attempt at doing this, so sorry if I...suck. So far it's a concept of what I plan to do; possibly the first remix for Legend Of Mana if I'm lucky, and it's of an odd genre not common here (I think) called symphonic metal. Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Opinions? Gripes about my lead guitar's tone (Hi Rozovian, I'm taking your suggestion and seeing if I can fix the sound somehow XD)?
  5. Hmm, my background is mostly not the metal genre on its own, but lots of power metal, folk metal, symphonic metal, progressive metal and all subgenres of said main genres! But in reality I'm a power metal lover so the job of the guitar for me is usually to chug with palm mutes everywhere. In the case of this mix, I tried going for a more downtuned death sound, but regardless my guitars are always double-tracked and panned hard to the left and to the right...oh and the rhythm guitars are scooped, cause I really need the crunch from the mutes XD I tried making it "meatier" by doing something similar to quad-tracking, but they drowned out the clarity of my mutes, and just by the way I speak it's obvious I really love mutes. And yes, I really really hate that type of balancing where guitars battle against everything else, but usually at that point in time I want the guitars to be in the background so it's fine that it gets drowned out since the main focus is what's causing it to drown out...if that's a good or bad thing, I don't know. Again, glad you loved my mix, worked hard on it, and...I'm about to make a new thread with my real planned "OverClocked ReMix" so if you could still spend some time to critique on that one, please do ^^
  6. @Rozovian Damn, the lead guitar really sounds "wrong" does it XD;; Personally I think it's nice, but of course when compared to realism of any sort...no, not at all. I guess I'll work on the tone and see if I can make it better, cause it may be just a few settings and reverb/delay that's bringing it down Least I really understand the "keeping the lead constant" part. Thanks again for your opinion! @MaestroDraven The guitar as in the rhythm? I already made it pretty loud compared to previous mixes, but apparently that's not enough...? I'll consider that, but I think it's a comfortable level and any louder and it'll cloud other instruments o: And...that's exactly what I'm going to do, I'm gonna take advice from here, apply it to this song, and with that template build an entirely different remix of a new song that's seriously made for OCR. It's gonna be slower than this though XD Thank you, and I'm glad you liked it!
  7. Okay, I'll take note of the levels of the bass drum, since I'm using Joren de Bruin's Polar Star Overdrive as my guide for now. And the kick's volume is much lower XD I'm not sure what you mean with the lead guitar, because one thing I'm sure of is that it doesn't sound real, it's a sampling program o: Or did you mean the tone of the guitar? Is that 1:40 part the part where the acoustic guitar takes the melody? That means I'd know that the "lead" melody needs to be audible and consistent the whole way through in my future remix XD Thanks again for the comments and for listening, I really hope to make it here one day so I'm doing all I can to get things right
  8. This is my first time posting feedback! Aside from Rozovian's comment on the synths sounding kinda simple, IDK if it's just me, but sometimes the kick is kinda buried. So it's either you change the sound or use some sidechaining, that's up to you. But my background has the kick being clearly heard, so it may be just me. The whole arrangement sounds pretty pleasant, but as people have already said the processing of your voice is kinda odd, and I would say it needs some sort of compression to make the volumes constant. Sometimes it's too weak o: Other than altered synth sounds, kick and voice processing, I think it's nice. And I love how everything goes quiet at the end. ^^ EDIT: specifically that quiet flute. XD
  9. Greetings to all! I'm honestly posting here to test the waters of OverClocked ReMix by asking if my current production is good enough for the standards around here XD I am not new to the video game music remix scene. Maybe you've heard of me or not (probably not) but if you loved Cave Story's music and looked for remixes then you most likely have. I'm rtnario, the person behind LEAF XCEED Music Division. Video game music is a huge part of my life, and without it I wouldn't even be a musician, quite honestly. When I first started remixing, I never thought I would get as far as I have now in such an amount of time, and I'm at the point where I'm looking for the next challenge. This site is the next challenge for me, the next step in my progression towards video game remixes and video game music in general. In so saying, I decided around yesterday that I'd finally try my hand at submitting a remix to OCR, and this is what I see as the first step. http://rtnario.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/leaf-xceed-music-division-deaths-embrace/ Original Song: Danger (AKA the boss battle theme) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5FR_i-EbDc Game: Secret Of Mana Composer: Hiroki Kikuta I predict that people will mention that regardless of the genre I made a "word-per-word verbatim" cover of the original, and I know I'll have to change that to have more original interpretation from me, but other than that, what else? I would love to hear your opinions EDIT: This won't be the remix I'll submit, I'll work on an entirely new one that concentrates more on the symphonics than the metal. Just saying.
  10. ...aaactually, I have a small bit of a Drill Dozer remix from the Art Musem stage that I never really finished. I think I have a reason to complete it now. Probably not gonna pass OCR quality standards, but will do as a remix by some guy XD EDIT: Why did I not already put the proof-of-concept remix here; of course people aren't gonna be interested if I didn't http://www.mediafire.com/?rwqymiuyo2y Yay or nay?
  11. Well, now that you've brought the real problems of this remix to me, I see now where to improve. I also somewhat see this post as a test of OCR's standards, seeing that they're very high (and now it's confirmed even), so thanks for the comments. Even though most of them do sadden me XD
  12. Hi, this is rtnario and it's my first time around in these forums as an actual user. I've been composing for many years now actually, but I've never tried posting any of them here (even if it's the WIP thread), so here's my first attempt. After seeing the many very much intimidating NO's from the judge thread, I feel I need to stay around this part of the forum more... http://www.mediafire.com/?tmunobemnzz That's a somewhat complete remixed version of Balrog's Theme from the game Cave Story. As the original was 32 seconds or so, mine only extends up to a minute and 4 seconds. Genre I'm heading for is metal with a sort of epic feeling. All sounds are VSTs and samples.
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