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  1. Correct! The sample library is Bom Dia Brasil, I used the Maculêlê sample using Spectrasonics Stylus RMX to record the timing! Thank you for pointing the details!
  2. Of course nothing was real except the samples in the beginning, the rest was vst including the solo trumpet that sounded real! But don't worry nowadays with Ample Sound those guitars will sound authentic!
  3. Thank you man! This following month I reelocate and hopefully re do this version again as it was originally intended to be with the downtempo and more quality detail of the instruments!
  4. 67 Separate Tracks, almost 2 months of work, concept since 1999 and a bunch of crashes courtesy of Cubase 5, the song being accepted by the judges at Oc Remix . . Priceless!
  5. I was visualizing the intro starting from the seashore when you insert the coin to select the song, then walking in the city and seeing the tv screen from the storefront showing Outrun gameplay and because it's kinda Brazil Samba Latin Jazz I pictured "why not a capoeira chant"? Then the percussion sets up to the Berimbau and the music starts! That was the concept! The song was supposed to be slower like the Arcade original tempo but due to size limits and time of the OC Remix rules I had to up the tempo and sadly lose audio quality of the original mix but hey at least it gave good reviews! I can't complaint! Thanks!
  6. Dude, where are you? :\ I can't talk to you on Facebook for some reason, is something wrong?

  7. @ Emunator Thank You i can't find more words big enough to describe the gratitude of the comments posted here and yours are one of them in Big i really respect every genre of music but sadly now-days some are just doing it the easy way to gain easy bucks and the question is, but what about the fans? they just listen to the song and that's it "it's yesterday's dinner" there are songs like in the past decades and some today that are Epic and in time you listen and listen and don't get tired it's because music like that have been done with detail and painstaking care to make it sound good and this is why i want to bring to all of you once again My Big Thanks
  8. Wow Thank You Guys for the comments @ djpretzel from a small dj(me) to a Dj(pretzel) Thank You for the comment huge honor for me to be part of the OCRemix page a dream come true and a long waited one @ C-7 Thank you for the comments i also feel kind of sad because i couldn't do well the eq's and the mp3 bit-rate and i blame myself for that but i'll make sure the next remixes to come have the most good quality to enjoy @ SubNormal J3 Thank you for the comments also i'm a huge fan of Earth, Wind and Fire and the Phoenix Horns and it's a huge flattering by mentioning them in this forum and get ready there's more to come stay tune guys . . .Hint Konami's Life Force @ José E. Felix Thank You for the video design I'm also from Puerto Rico "Wepa mi hermano! Saludos!" Once again guys a huge THANK YOU - Juan Rosario (DjAkx)
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