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    I'm a music guy that plays guitar, bass, keys, and drums. I also love video games. So, put the 2 together, and I do rock renditions of classic game music.
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  1. I'm pretty sure it is only for signed artists, or you have to pay for it, cuz I can't find it.
  2. To hear songs that are going to be on "Games That Rock Vol. 2" go to my myspace page @ (Feel free to add me) Also, if you want to know when and what my upcoming "remix" is going to be, be sure to follow me on twitter @ Last but not least, if you want to see video of me playing these "remixes" check out my youtube channel @ (Feel free to subscribe)
  3. I'm pretty sure that's only for signed artists, I can't find that feature anywhere.
  4. Well, I mean, most the songs I hear are straight covers. Just different tempo, and with synths/keys instead of the original midi sounds. So, I don't see why rock covers shouldn't make the cut.... We'll see, I sent in Track 2 off the album to OCR, let's see if it makes it, if not. Oh, well... Games That Rock Vol. 1 Download full album here Listen to some tracks here Be sure to follow me on Twitter @
  5. That's the point. I want the songs to sound like the originals but just with instruments, not midi. I personally don't think these songs are remixes, more like upgrades or just rock renditions. But it seems like everyone else on the internet likes to call these songs remixes, I'm not going to argue with them. Plus, I personally don't like when remixers change the song too much from the original game music, and I'm really proud that my songs stay close to the originals. That's the way I want to hear it. Thanks for the criticism, and I hope you enjoy the album
  6. You're favorite part is the very ending of the cd?? That's SICK!!! "WAY TO END THE CD MAN!!!!" lol Awesome man, glad you enjoyed it
  7. That's what I was thinking, I mean I see that OCR has albums..... I don't know... like I said I'm new here I don't know if they post remixers albums or they only post albums if it's a group of remixers. I'm just trying to put my remixes and albums out there.... I thought OCR would be the place. oh and dhsu, the remixes are just done by me, 1 guy, not a band. lol, just letting you know.
  8. Hey Darke Sword,

    I was wondering if there was a way to submit my Games That Rock Vol. 1 album to the site, or to be evaluated. Let me know.



  9. Thanks, and sorry dude, I'm new here lol... I don't know what I'm doing. And.... I am trying to submit this to OcRemix... anyone know how I can submit an entire album???? Not just a song..
  10. Again, thanks everyone, I really appriciate it. I'm in the middle of working on Games That Rock Vol. 2 So far I have: Contra - Snow Fields Castlevania - Level 3 Bionic Commando Theme Zelda OoT - Song of Storms and last but not least Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme Check those songs out (except Bionic Comando) out on my youtube page. You can find the download link for that song on each Video in the description. Currently working on Street Fighter 2: Ryu's Theme
  11. I have a web show called You Pick It, I Play It (YPIP) where I do rock remixes of game songs that people suggest. Check it out at ~Spazer
  12. My rock remix album "Games That Rock Vol. 1" is free to download here The Track list is: 1. New Life (Killer Instinct Theme) 2. Mega Man Jam Pt. 1 (Flash Man) 3. Metroid Jam Pt. 1 (Title & Ridley Theme) 4. Contra Jam Pt. 1 (Base) 5. Intermission (Secret of Mana Theme) 6. Metroid Jam Pt. 2 (Brinstar Red) 7. Mega Man Jam Pt. 2 (Crash Man) 8. Mega Man Jam Pt. 3 (Dr. Wily Stage 1) 9. D-Day (Doom E1M1 & Duke Nukem Theme) 10. Contra Jam Pt. 2 (Boss) If you want to listen to a few songs before downloading the album head over to Thanks, Spazer
  13. Hey,

    My name is Paul, remixer name is Spazer. And I've been doing Hard Rock/ Metal remixes of video game music for about a month now, and I have a full album done, and a 2nd on the way. I just sent in a song to be evaluated, but I was curious if there was a way I could put my full album on this site. Artist is Spazer and album title is "Games That Rock Vol. 1"

    You can download the album @

    I also have a youtube show called You Pick It, I Play It (YPIP) where people pick what songs I remix and I play them. Check it out @

    Let me know what can be done.

    Get back to me when you can.

    ~Paul "Spazer"