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  1. Good work goods. Very interesting submissions
  2. If possible, can we sample the vocals? I will break my computer if I sing
  3. Soichi Terada, has some crazy break beat rhythm. He has some interesting tracks.
  4. Oh no, I thought it was due on the 26th. I don't have time. I guess, I'll just do my best, if I can finish it. I found interest chord and scale on this song http://nb-96-126-99-33.fremont.nodebalancer.linode.com/theorytab/view/manabu-namiki/battle-garegga---underwater-rampart
  5. I guess I will join the competition. I still havn't mastered FL Studio and I stop almost a decade ago. Been binge watching youtube tutorial for a month now. Hopefully I can make something decent.
  6. I don't fully understand, but I will attempt to remix a song from the list and complete it.
  7. Think I might join in this one. Try something different.
  8. I have not messed with my music crap in a long time. I might give this a shot, but I hate this theme.
  9. I like your flower of death track. How did you make you sounds so punchy. It reminds me of the old skool deep dubstep tracks. I think it would fit nicely in a scary film
  10. http://soundcloud.com/mastermarcus/modshift-11 Experimental house music I guess. Tell me what you think. Posted it on Newgrounds and got like a 2/5. Just want to know what I can do better. Give a honest opinion don't be like. Ah, nice track. when you really think its crappy. edit: How come we can't view soundcloud on these forums?
  11. I don't even want to try anymore. But I will do a quick mix today just for morale. edit: I actually almost got one done. Just have no clue on how to balancing the levels. nvm, just realized although the mix is decent the song itself isnt really fun to listen too and arrangement issues..
  12. Man, if only I didnt have finals. Guess I'll have to pass.
  13. Man, I would of did the mega man joint if I knew everyone was going to do Star Fox. lol that was what I was originally remixing but changed my mind. Btw Chroxic did you mix with headphones? Just curious. edit: when is the log in link going to get fixed?
  14. Spent a lot of time of my remix just to realize it sucks. edit: f**# this Im going hard.
  15. I want to remix both of these but Im afraid I won't have time, but if I do it won't be that good.
  16. I might give this a shot if I have time. I never managed to make a proper dnb mix but I think I might have an idea for this.
  17. What kind of remix are you looking for is the question? Anything is possible but I would imagine that if this song was remixed it would probably be sampled or someone has source to godly vocalist.
  18. You should totally go for it. I was also working on Casey Jones theme during my noob phase. I think I can make something out of it.
  19. TMNT tournament fighters (sega version) I actually think a lot songs from this game should be remixed cause its awesome imo. I request a remix of this in any electronic(hip hop/ fusion/ dnbdubstep) genre. Just have fun with it. Actually any song in this game would be awesome.
  20. This is awesome. I think I might join this compo too.
  21. OMG I should of never decided to randomly choose a game to experiment hardcore breaks. Awe man couldnt format the file on time.
  22. Hey Rocko, I heard this and thought it was okay. I love dnb and dubstep and plan on doing some remixes as well, but its that easy to remix games with that genre. One thing I notice with this is the drums can use some extra drums and layering. I think adding a sub bass would be nice as well. Edit: oh forgot this was 1 year old.
  23. I might join this one. I been thinking about actually making a remix on this site but I am not inspired and lazy. Only have one day left... Btw what the heck is a midi file. I never used those things?.. bleh not going to make it.
  24. I think this should be monthly competition. I am still mad nobody did my request. Maybe if its monthly we can win a prize like a sample pack or something. Nothing big, this might bring more people into the compo. To me compo is a challenging learning process since I suck at it.
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