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  1. This piece is perfect for Dnb remix but I just don't have time.
  2. I have Reso masterclass production He gives a very very good tutorial and explanation of how he produced his track called "war machine"

    . this video is 818 mb. Don't know how to send it. But here is a Q&A from him If you want to video u gotta recommend a good way to send it to ya.


    decent dubstep forum



    learn about compression. DogonAcid has great interviews and Q&A from great producers of DnB and Dubstep like Noisia. I can give that link if you want.

    You can get some decent samples from torrents and download vengeance pack or buy it if you have money. Do you research. Heres on good site with some decent drums


    I still have more stuff so any questions just ask.

  3. I am not a expert at mixing or remixing but I do enjoy dubstep. So here are some of my thoughts. Personally I do not think the drums stand out enough. I think the synths wobble sythn would sound better if it was more of a bass imo. I would try not having both instruments wobble simultaneously Like around 2:50 it doesnt blend well for me. Around 4:28 was the most cleanest part of the mix. I also hear some distorted white noise that just seems to muffle the overall mix sometimes Not sure if it was intentional of not. It could be that some of the instruments are not mixing well together and needs some eqing. I enjoy this because it was interesting and I think its kinda hard to remix video games in dubstep and drum n bass. Keep at it and keep creating your own lovely bass sounds and leads. Some parts of the mix sound muffled though. edit: I have a few links of decent dnb tutorials and dubstep (PM me) if your interested. some for drums as well. Mainly its all about getting high quailty sample to start with. Eqing, compression if needed, layering, distort if needed. bounce and repeat if needed.
  4. I wanted to submit something but Im going through a crisis where I don't care about anything at the moment including computers, music, and video games etc. Plus my headphones broke along with my ears. As far as the song sounding too awesome to remix. I believe even if its awesome it can still get a sick remix by using your own style and taste. I wanted to do dubstep but I have no vision on how to make the bassline. Just go crazy. edit: Im gonna just put something random together and submit it. Maybe others might upload something.
  5. This was one of my favorite tracks I listened to when I was a kid. I don't know how I want to remix this. Its so 90s style. I guess I'll try to be consistent and stuck with dub and dnb until I actually get good at it. Thats what the compo is about right? Learning to push the limit.
  6. Hey, I apologize for my crummy review of these submission. I was in a hurry. You guys are pretty good.
  7. I don't want to spend too much money on monitors, I heard Mackies are pretty good. What do you guys thing about this? http://www.amazon.com/Mackie-MR5-Reference-Monitor-Speaker/dp/B0012PTJAE/ref=cm_cr_pr_sims_t
  8. Thanks for your replies. I just got into the DnB scene and decided to try remixing myself. I practically have no experience with making music but I've been studying it the past month.I just looking for some more inspiration.
  9. I used to visit vgmix to listen to everyones remixes back in the day when I was in middle/high school. The next thing I knew the site went bad. I had tons of remixes but now I only have most of the stuff of legends and megaman remixes. If there is anything I can do to help I will, I still lack experience but I know I understand database design and oracle if that helps. But I think it would be best to start over from scratch and build some type of layout of design. Sometimes its just a bitch to build on top of something thats unstable.
  10. I like to request song that is DnB style(electronic). It could be any game, it could be any game already on this site. The problem is I can not find game with dnb style here. Doesnt matter what game or what style of DnB( tons of sub genres). I would be nice if we had broad genre category and have artist named their style.
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