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    A musician for more than 10 years, and an individual with a keen interest in audio work. Generally tends to work with digital means, though acoustic will be implemented at times, and sometimes even solely used. A PC gamer, but still will play console games if they're awesome enough. Listens to every type of genre, as much as possible, anyways.
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  1. i actually haven't been on this forum for a while - terrible, i need to be on more often also, you're welcome, and thanks for those of you that attended it
  2. Mushroom Kingdom Fusion has gotten too big and too prideful that it's rarely thought of as "Mushroom Kingdom" which is why the Mushroom Kingdom Revision (or whatever it's called) is there, it's the version of MKF that's actually what it was originally meant to be also i was wondering when a topic about our event would finally show up on these forums
  3. That definitely does help a lot, I thank you! I'll get to working on this right away.
  4. I'm going to bump this, because I would appreciate at least one more critique before I make modifications.
  5. wow, that's about the third time in a third song someone suggested i should put a delay effect on my lead synths, you'd think i'd learn by now fffff Anyways, thanks for the critique! I'm unsure what you mean by lead synth in the very beginning - I don't have a lead synth come in until later on in the beginning, when the drums and bass have already entered. You may be referring to the organ - I had some one else also mention that it doesn't sound like the intro, so I may have to more accurately hit the notes, and most likely speed it up so it sounds more like it. I can definitely make this song slimmer - I still have a good idea or two for it, and it's already hitting 5 minutes and 31 seconds, so that's a definite possibility I should be taking into account. I've also read your other suggestions and believe they're good ones, and will definitely think about them! Thank you very much!
  6. I don't like to give songs titles until I finish them and can come up with something good. Anyways, So I've been making music for a long while now, and posting it on a few other forums I go to; forums that don't have primary focus on music, so I would receive minimal critique. So I'm hoping I can get some here so I can definitely improve. If you like this piece and can only think of a few flaws, by all means, inform me of those few flaws. If you think this is the shittiest piece of shit you have heard, and you'd rather not trudge through a list of 250+ things wrong with it, please feel free to direct me to some general tutorials that will help me. I appreciate any comments and critique. Something I still seem to have difficulty with is properly EQing and applying limiters and compressors to guitar recordings - this is the closest I've gotten to having a guitar sound good on my songs, and it seems to be way too in the background - problem is, doing anything results in it clipping or sounding raunchy. If anyone can show me how, or give some suggestions for that, go right ahead! Otherwise, enjoy what you can, and let me know what you think!
  7. I usually edit the velocity of my instrument notes manually - by simply thinking ahead of time, running through my head, of how it would sound if a human was playing it. Randomizing the notes may sound good, but you get more of the human effect if you have the human editing the velocity... it makes logical sense to me, anyways. That also eliminates the impossibility of lacking random velocity changes in some VSTi's.
  8. I suppose I should make use of this topic. It's about high time I registered here. I've been going to this website for the longest time, and loving the remixes ever since. I've been making original music and remixes for a number of years, and for some reason, never thought to go on here and register. I'll admit, I was intimidated, as I know my music is absolutely no where near the quality of even the moderate remixers on this website, and didn't necessarily want to feel as though I would decrease the quality of the forum by wanting critique. But hey, you've got to start at the beginning of somewhere where the majority of users are music and audio-oriented, hmm? So, yes. I plan on soon showing a few of my remixes on here and getting some critique, and getting to know as many of the forum members as I can! oh yeah and i guess talk about other things in general on the other forums but that's for later