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    Loving both VG and music, it was a bless to find this site. Too bad it took sooooo long to happen...
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  1. That's some sweet djent we got here. I kid you not, I was wearing a jacket because it's quite cold in here, but I'm halfway through this remix and I had to take it off.
  2. I love Tales of Phantasia OST and really like Star Ocean's. But I have to be honest... I don't really Valkyrie Profile score. It's probably because I had heard so much about how it was awesome and wonderful and perfect and etc, but I don't know, something about the synths... Actually, I don't even like the game ): But I didn't played much of it, stopped after the first dungeon, IIRC.
  3. This is just too fantastic. One of the best OCRemixes I've ever heard, and I'm not a big fan of vocal ones. Like djpretzel said, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME? Damn, GREAT job, Sir.
  4. Oh, man, I love that Bahamut Lagoon song, such an underappreciated classic. Great work, Avaris. Still have to listen to the rest of the album, though. And I reeeeeally have to spend more time in this forum.
  5. I liked this one. I wish it was a little bit shorter, 6 minutes at most. But it's awesome nevertheless. White Skies is one of my least favorites bLiNd remixes. I love Golbez 'N Goblins, Jade Catacombs, Aerofunknamics, and, well, a lot of his remixes, but White Skies is probably my least favorite one. Winamp tells me that my favorite one is Jade Catacombs, followed closely by A Ring and a Promise, and White Skies is the third least heard one.
  6. Even only knowing the site for about a month, I already got hundreds of ReMixes (I use a dial-up connection). And chthonic works are the techno ones I liked most, BY FAR (along with some other random ones, like bLiNd's Jade Catacombs). It made me very sad to see that that he only had five ReMixes and that the last one was submitted almost 2 years ago. I thought "he was probably abducted by some aliens for his awesomeness." Then here I am, listening some musics on my PC and one of his plays. Then I say to a friend of mine who's also a musician: "Man, it's so sad he only have 5 ReMixes and the last one is from almost 2 years ago...". Then I google his alias to see if he had a homepage or anything like that. Only to find that ChthoniC is a melodic black metal band from Taipei... So, as a rare struck of rational thought gets to my mind, I remember that there are links to the ReMixer homepage and such on their page on this very site. And to my surprise, when I look in his page I see a "6". Now, this' starting to become longer than I want it to be, so I'll cut the crap... As you can see, I LOVED this guy ReMixes. He's my favorite on the techno remixes genre. Welcome back chthonic and please, don't go on tripping with aliens again (at least not for so long).
  7. Thanks a lot for the ReMix, I've been waiting for a Live-A-Live ReMix since I got to know this site (not much time, unfortunately). I couldn't believe when I saw that no one had ReMixed it before, it have such a great soundtrack. Hoping to see a LaL ReMixing project.
  8. When I saw this one on Sixto's list of remixes, I thought "Wow, this song's awesome, Sixto's a hell of a guitar player, so it's probably be one of his best works" It turned out that I didn't liked it that much and I still prefer MegaDriver's version, but it's a great song anyway. It's Sixto's after all, you can't go wrong with him.
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