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  1. For the download of the latest OC Remix (Shantae and the Pirate's Curse "On Fire" by timaeus222), the filename of the mp3 download from all three mirrors have a minor mistake in the filename. For example this mirror ( http://ocr.blueblue.fr/files/music/remixes/Shantae_and_the_Pirate's_Curse_Revenge_On_Fire_OC_ReMix.mp3 ) has an extra word in it (Revenge) but the metadata of the track does not have this word in the title.
  2. Hey! Used to hang around this site for quite a while but never got around to registering. (Wish I did earlier. Had I known earlier, I would have paid my respects to Reuben a while ago ;. Anyway, the reason I did register is to show everyone here at OCRemix a tribute to the Summoning of Spirits project with this. http://burnedkirby.deviantart.com/art/AS3-Visualizer-Tribute-SoS-125186521 {Featuring Sixto Sounds' "Go the Distance (I'll Go)"} Hope you guys enjoy!