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  1. Not entirely happy with how this turned out (had to rush it to get it done for a competition), but it's rapidly becoming my most popular work, so I guess others like it. Edit: Wow, I'm surprised. Took 3rd in a Metroid DB contest. Wasn't expecting to place.
  2. Is it just me or does that refer to absolutely nothing posted in this topic. Dude, READ. You just go on and on and on, actually READ WHAT WE SAY. Oh, and post 1 or 2 of your 'better things' that you have 'actually completed'
  3. Did you not read what I posted? I said I'm changing stuff, so I won't be quiet because I want people's opinions on what I change. That said, if you want to continue to follow this project, go to z13.invisionfree.com/gouda_moose If you don't, see ya'll at launch I guess.
  4. For all ya'll that followed the other topic, the reason I'm not going to hide is because I'm changing up some things in the game, and I don't want to kill the game for anyone. So I had that topic to get input.
  5. IF I get C&D'ed that's what I will do. But until then, I don't see any reason not to do this.
  6. At least I'm not asking for it all at once, and right now. Well so was this, the best way to counter a jerk is to be one:
  7. If you don't like the project you don't have to read this topic. I suggest you leave, I'm through with your comments.
  8. It's actually already fully off the ground. It's playable and I'd say we have 25-30% of the mapping finished. We've got a good deal of the models finished and a team that is dedicated to the project, not just a bunch of random people. So it's not 'proposed', it's 'being completed'.
  9. But like I said, a C&D won't stop me. I will still finish, and now ya'll know about it, so if I do get a C&D you can still help and get the game once it's done, just not publicly.
  10. MP2D has been going on for almost 5 years, so like I said, we'll take it as it happens. Besides, we're already too far along to change it now. Oh, and I AM working on something else that is original, but this is mah pet project. Even if we get a C&D I'll still finish it, just not in public.
  11. STOP BEING SO PESSIMISTIC!!! :-x And because: A- I love this game and want a better version B- It's fun C- I can
  12. Don't worry about it. And OMG its that guy! I love your music man! Btw, we need help, so if anyone is good at Modeling, Texturing, Music (I wonder.... considering what forum this is), or Sandbox 2, please speak up! Screen of Phendrana to cheer yall up:
  13. Orpheon is pretty far along, it will probably take the longest, due to the fact that I have to make the entire thing out of 'solids' through the editor. (Solids are rectangular prisms, no other shapes. >_<) Tallon Overworld was pretty close to done, but we have started over on it, for various reasons. The new map is MUCH better, and about as far along as Orpheon Phendrana Drifts is the closest to completion, by far, as we have the entire map roughed out and ready for detailing, which is decently far along as well. Magmoor caverns is just getting started. So I mean, we have a good bit done, but yeah, we're in it for the long haul. I'm planning on using it for my application to various game studios.
  14. It won't. Nintendo has a way of letting things slide, particularly with Metroid. Look at how many fan games the let go on, even ones that are STEALING OFFICIAL RESOURCES. We, however, are remaking everything ourselves, so that adds to the chance of them letting us slide. (Just like they let MP2D slide).
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