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    Hey, I'm Sterling, A dancer from Montana who discovered OCremix and decided to stick around for a while.
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    Taps. As in tap dancing.
  1. I taught my dad how to play Halo with my friends once. He actually managed to get some kills in. I also introduced my mother to Legend of Dragoon when I was like.. 6. She got through Helena before she decided she didn't have enough time.
  2. Final boss of Tekken 5 (some "Pachi") on Ultra Hard mode. That bastard is so OP. Endless chainstun into fireballs. I never beat that shit and it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. 5 hours and endless retries later with my best character (Yoshimitsu). ..I kinda want to go try it again just to say I did. Edit: I made it to stage 3. All my tekken skills are gone. Oh well, at least I won't traumatize myself with the boss fight.
  3. Bump for question. Planning on starting up a dance company, probably going to end up using some OCR music. Company would be non-profit, but would still be making money (That would be fed back into the company) So.. how does it work in this context?
  4. I was in it, and there wasn't really any option to credit it.. It was uploaded by one of the other dancers, and I doubt she would listen to my request to add in the credit. Although I do make sure to mention the name of the song and artist any time I share the video or tell others about the dance. Also, at competitions you get to do the name of the dance and nothing else. No artist allowed.
  5. Thought some of you might be interested in this. It's a Contemporary Ballet piece I participated in that was set to "Aphrodite Oceanus" by The Wingless. Comments/Questions/Critques would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, wouldn't mind if any of you who have seen dances done to Video Game Music would post links to any site that has them.
  6. If he were dead, he wouldn't have dragged me back here to give an opinion of his album. I quite enjoyed it as a whole, although I will admit that "I See" is, in my opinion, the best song on the album. Michelle Kwan has an AMAZING voice that fits in extremely well with the melody of the song. This song serves as the perfect hook to get listeners to take a swing at the rest of the songs, while not COMPLETELY overshadowing them. I was completely prepared for it to be only accoustic guitar, having opened the song and not paying any attention to the name. Hearing Brandon's voice at 1:17 was a
  7. Dammit I lost birthday dog. Anyway, Happy Birthday Starla!
  8. That's sad. I am still doing it.

  9. Its fine. It kinda failed anyway..

  10. It blows man, I have no means to complete that track, but I have been practicing it often. I have no quality mic since I am fresh to Las Vegas.

  11. Yep, I think I could pull that off. I'm pretty busy so it'll probably be a few days, but I'll get it to you!

  12. Following suit and asking you for a sig.

    Think you could pull an Anti-Form sora from KH2 with the Initials HD on the bottom?

  13. (A rather late) Welcome to OCR!

  14. Welcome to OCR!

    I hope you have a good stay :D

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