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  1. I taught my dad how to play Halo with my friends once. He actually managed to get some kills in. I also introduced my mother to Legend of Dragoon when I was like.. 6. She got through Helena before she decided she didn't have enough time.
  2. Final boss of Tekken 5 (some "Pachi") on Ultra Hard mode. That bastard is so OP. Endless chainstun into fireballs. I never beat that shit and it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. 5 hours and endless retries later with my best character (Yoshimitsu). ..I kinda want to go try it again just to say I did. Edit: I made it to stage 3. All my tekken skills are gone. Oh well, at least I won't traumatize myself with the boss fight.
  3. Bump for question. Planning on starting up a dance company, probably going to end up using some OCR music. Company would be non-profit, but would still be making money (That would be fed back into the company) So.. how does it work in this context?
  4. I was in it, and there wasn't really any option to credit it.. It was uploaded by one of the other dancers, and I doubt she would listen to my request to add in the credit. Although I do make sure to mention the name of the song and artist any time I share the video or tell others about the dance. Also, at competitions you get to do the name of the dance and nothing else. No artist allowed.
  5. Thought some of you might be interested in this. It's a Contemporary Ballet piece I participated in that was set to "Aphrodite Oceanus" by The Wingless. Comments/Questions/Critques would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, wouldn't mind if any of you who have seen dances done to Video Game Music would post links to any site that has them.
  6. If he were dead, he wouldn't have dragged me back here to give an opinion of his album. I quite enjoyed it as a whole, although I will admit that "I See" is, in my opinion, the best song on the album. Michelle Kwan has an AMAZING voice that fits in extremely well with the melody of the song. This song serves as the perfect hook to get listeners to take a swing at the rest of the songs, while not COMPLETELY overshadowing them. I was completely prepared for it to be only accoustic guitar, having opened the song and not paying any attention to the name. Hearing Brandon's voice at 1:17 was a complete surprise to me, as I wasn't expecting him to be singing in this album for some odd reason. Another surprise was the Recorder starting at 1:38, which then moved into Michelle Kwan's vocalizations, and then into her singing. Which is amazing, as i've already stated. At first I was disappointed that her part had ended so soon, only for a duet between the pair to come up! While it doesn't really seem like the two would mix well, their voices actually combine quite well. I applaud this song, and felt a tear in my eye when it ended, but I knew I had to listen to the rest of the album before I came back to put this song on repeat. Oh yeah, other songs. "Comfort" almost put me to sleep, in a good way though. This song is so incredibly relaxing that even listening to it now while Brandonn is making me stay up to review these i'm beginning to fall asleep. I was beginning to get afraid that the song would stagnate until about 1:33, when Brandon switched it up to give us a slight moment moment to wake back up enough to hear be able to register the rest of the song before we were swept back into the land of sheep and green pastures. And repeats the wake up call at 3:37 so that we may make it to the lighthearted ending that begins at 3:19. All in all an extremely relaxing song, Brandon did this one quite well. "Always Remember", the namesake song of this album, begins with the wailing of Brandon's ibanez s7320, which he felt the need to state was the brand and model of his electric guitar. With a fairly short opening (for him) his vocals come in around 0:34.. I'm quite a fan of the lyrics of this song, but it seems that this song would be better suited as a duet. My ear was waiting for another voice to come in that never did. But other than that, it was quite the enjoyable song. "Maxine", song number five in the album, and the second instrumental. As with "Comfort" Brandon manages to convey his emotions without the use of words. When I first listened to it, I thought it was a pretty sad song but nothing jumped out at me to make me feel anything more than a slight sadness. But when I was listening to it the second time while inquiring into the song's story Brandon informed me that he had recorded this song the same night his grandmother passed on. This managed to trigger my "Bawwwwwww" switch and this song suddenly brought tears to my eyes.. As it should for you. When I heard "Time" my first reaction was "GODDAMN IT BRANDON DON'T MAKE ME SAD THEN THROW ME INTO A HAPPY UPBEAT SONG!" and then the lyrics came in. Brandon, why did you bring this happy melody to the table, then have depressing lyrics with it. My mind was too confused as to what it should be feeling to fully appreciate the song. I'll leave this song to your opinions. "Renaissance Man" from the beginning feels like something that you'd listen to while traveling through the desert, but in some spots the song breaks form and leaves you feeling like you just woke up from a daydream only to throw you back in, other than those small flaws, I quite enjoyed this song. On a side note, a selfish artist is sometimes the best artist, so doing songs for yourself rather than to cater to what you think other people want is generally the best path. "A Beautiful Dawn".. The name fits the song perfectly. Were life a movie, this would be the song I would want to wake up to each and every morning. It's the kind of song that would rouse you from sleep without being rude, annoying, and making you want to reach for the snooze button. Unfortunately, this song won't be able to wake me up when i've passed out on my keyboard from writing these reviews for brandon. However, I do believe that this song shall be my alarm clock's ring for the next few weeks. "For My Parents" didn't completely meet my expectations. I would expect a tribute to your own parents to be more than a minute and a half long, and slightly more grandiose song than was provided. To me, this song should've been somewhere between a chase scene's music and a battle scene's music. It was more a mix of Battle and.. I don't even know what. It's a good song, just not as good as it could've been. "Love, Away (8-Bit)" is the final track on the album, and it would seem Brandon wanted to save the (second) best for last. Because I was speaking to him and not looking at track names again, it was completely unexpected for me to hear full blown "8-Bit" style on an accoustic album. At first I was like, "Wait, what?" but then I just sat back and enjoyed the full glory of this song. Leaps and bounds ahead of the vocal version, this version improves on it completely, and is a perfect way to wrap up this album. All in all, I would give this album an 8.5/10 Now go download it, maybe donate some money to him, and let me sleep.
  7. Dammit I lost birthday dog. Anyway, Happy Birthday Starla!
  8. Its fine. It kinda failed anyway..

  9. Following suit and asking you for a sig.

    Think you could pull an Anti-Form sora from KH2 with the Initials HD on the bottom?

  10. (A rather late) Welcome to OCR!

  11. Welcome to OCR!

    I hope you have a good stay :D

  12. And I'll add a strange jagged line by saying Happy Birthday OCRE!
  13. So, I was going to make an "Uncle Sam" photo for you as a welcome but I was too lazy to go find the picture.

    In consolation: Welcome to OCR!

  14. Correct me if anyone doesnt feel this way, But the game generally is fairer than most. Each time I die its from my own stupidity. Not from a fail on the game's part. I do believe the one death I had that wasnt this way was a true glitch. "Random death traps" (such as the bottom floor of 3-1 near the lizard) Can be easily avoided by maybe... Looking in front of you? And if you had issues seeing how a trap is different from the rest of the landscape try turning the brightness up so you can see the details. Actually there are two traps in 3-1 that harm you and occasionally poison you, But I hardly count those as true "Death traps". But if you would care to share ones you ran across I would be happy to correct myself.
  15. Forgetting the epicness that was Nekofrog getting 13 birthday threads? Anyway, Happy Birthday Mono!
  16. Well it is assumed to be walking you must be living, In some form. Even if its just in the form of being animate. But anyway.. -sits-

  17. 40% increase from 1 to 2. 4% increase after that.
  18. I know. I'm a walking contradiction in most of the things I do.

  19. Yet another amazing piece from Pot Hocket. I'll admit I was expecting something really good when I saw a new mix from him and I was NOT disappointed. Keep up the good work!
  20. I'm here. I've just been lurking for reasons unknown.

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