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  1. Congrats on "stealing" the idea I've been working on for years and making it ten times better than I ever could. I'm envious.
  2. Personally, I find that it deviates way too far from the original. It's a great song in itself, but it just doesn't capture the mood of the original for me. And I can't feel the soul of the original song in a remix, I just don't enjoy it. Criticize me if you like; that's just the way I feel.
  3. Oh yeah, right, the source tune. Here it is: http://www.psythik.com/music/midi/LEMMIN1P.MID Great suggestions. Creating a catchy, yet unrepetitive beat has never been one of my strongest talents, but I'll give it a try. I'll see what I can do with the synths as well (I've already changed their sound a bit, so that they sound a little more unique than your typical sawtooth).
  4. I'm dying to hear this song that everyone's raving about but every single link to it in this thread is dead! chthonic, PM me and I'll host the song for you permanently!
  5. Oh, and for anyone who's interested in helping me out or giving a few pointers, I can PM the FLP to you.
  6. I've always wanted to do a Lemmings remix in the Trance-/Dance-/Euro-style (even though everyone does Electronica remixes of video games!), so with no actual intentions of submitting it, I went ahead and did a quick little remix/cover. Once finished, I was kinda a little somewhat happy with the results, enough that I'd figure I'd post it here to get some feedback. So without further ado, I present to you, The Lemmings go to Europe (and Dance the Night Away!): http://psythik.com/music/Psythik-The_Lemmings_go_to_Europe_(and_Dance_the_Night_Away!)_[beta_1].mp3 (Cheezy title, I know, but I literally came up with it ten minutes ago. ) I figure I should let y'all know that this is my first attempt at a video game remix (ever!), and the third actual complete song I've done! So even though I've been producing music since 2005, I'm still an amateur at this! With that being said, I do hope you guys enjoy this song, and any (and all) feedback/pointers/suggestions/etc. are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Most XL shirts I find get wider, but stay the same length as a L. I hope that's not the case for your shirts, because I really want one that's much longer than your average L, without getting massively wider.
  8. Wow, just WOW. This song puts my Fruity skills to shame. Excellent build-ups, flawless breakdowns, catchy beat that slowly progresses into one giant drum monster machine (that's the only way I can describe it). I can truly say, that I am jealous, sir. I must learn your ways and become one with the oscillator, just like you.
  9. So I was shuffling through the memberlist today and I stumbled upon my old account here that was last accessed nearly four years ago. By a seemingly random stroke of luck, I remembered the password and decided to revive this idle account (I was going to register a new one here today anyway). Anyhow, a little background info about me: I'm Psythik (formerly known as ScYtH pre-2005), I'm 17 (18 in August) and I live in Arizona. I have about three years of musical experience under my belt, and about a year and a half in writing/composing/whatever you want to call it. My favourite music genre is Trance, but I also enjoy all kinds of music, including Hip-hop, Jazz, Rock, Classical, etc. I plan to eventually do video game remixes, however, I am still very much inexperienced when it comes to making music; I would like to learn so much more before diving into the world of OCRemixing. If anyone's interested, you can check out some of my work at the following sites, to get a taste of what I can do: http://music.download.com/psythik - Currently the homepage to my music downloads. As of this writing, only one song is available, which so happens to be my latest complete creation at the moment... http://myspace.com/psythik - Home to some of my older, early creations. I would not consider most of these songs to be high-quality works, since they were created from me just messing around in FL Studio in the early stages of my music-making hobby (hence the reason why they don't appear on my download.com page). http://psythik.net and http://psythik.com - I've been planning on creating a website to host my music, however, after nearly a year of buying the domains and establishing hosting, that Coming Soon page is still there. I do have a half-way-finished design for the site, but with me being somewhat of a perfectionist, I will not open the site until I'm 321.2468% sure that everything is ready to go.
  10. Anyone remember GameBoy Camera? Didn't it have some sort of synth/oscillator/drumloop minigame/prorgam thing? *searches house for old GameBoy Camera cart*
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