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  1. This mix put such a big grin on my face. The FF8 soundtrack is full of gems, and I couldn't be happier to see this one represented here. It's as weird and wonderful as the original.
  2. I don't read djp's writeup until listening to the track, and so the lead coming in caught me completely offguard. Hilarious and perfect. Loved it!
  3. The answer I'd give is "not bad." I recently did some internal drive swapping in my desktop PC and in the process ran some Kontakt sample libraries from both an internal hard drive in an enclosure and from an actual external drive (7200rpm). I eventually got everything set up internally again, but during the interim I had absolutely no problems with either external drive setup. With the way Kontakt disk streaming works I'd reason that the seek-time related specs on the HDD are far more critical than the actual maximum throughput of the bus being used (say, SATA internally or USB externally), so as long as it's a good drive, it shouldn't matter whether it's internal or external.
  4. Really great piece. Instantly reminded me of Mitsuda's Creid -- one of my favorite collections -- with which this would absolutely fit right in.
  5. Happy 10 to OCR. Big thanks to DJP, Larry, the judges, the composers, the remixers, and everyone else for making the site what it is. It's a remarkable achievement and a truly unique site and community. I was turned on to OCR in mid/late 2000 through #asherons-call on irc.sorcery.net. After over nine years of music, I have far too many favorites to mention, so thanks for them all!
  6. Love it. The source is one of my favorites, and this is a wonderful take on it. Nice lyrics, nice production. The instrumental melodies stick pretty close to the original, but I have a hard time faulting that since it still comes together beautifully, and -- as pointed out -- the vocal melody on top is just great.
  7. Thanks for all the thoughts! I very much appreciate them and will be working them in if I end up completing a second version -- I'm approaching it fairly casually so far, so we'll see if anything comes of it. Bowed strings are adding a nice sound to it, but it's slow going inching them in while restructuring it all; after stepping away from the piece for a few days, I too had a harder time placing the source than I did while first writing it. Funny how it can slip away from you! Anyway, I'd love for OCR to have a Balamb mix -- no matter if it's mine or someone else's -- so I hope someday it gets one!
  8. After many years of listening to OCR, I finally wanted to try my hand at creating a mix. Summer in Balamb (4.35MB, 3:10) - the remix, featuring string pizzicatos and synths. Balamb Garden - the source. I have only minimal musical knowledge and experience so I'm suspecting that it's rather poorly structured, but it was still fun to make; maybe someone will enjoy it! Definitely open to any comments or suggestions.
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