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  1. Mosou

    Tenchu ReMix

    I agree, some track are gigantic ( battle with onikage -battle with a fierce enemy - Punish the evil merchant) But tenchu 3 gives some way of remixing using electric guitar. Nice idea ! Someone able to do so?..... Please
  2. Your track is fantastic. To me, it's a masterpeace. I've never paid attention to the original track. I think it's a bit boring. But your version is wonderfull. I love the jazzy sound it has and you mange to put peace and even sadness in it. A call to introspection, it's extremely rare (even in remix whch are too often tasteless tecno-remix). THANK YOU SO MUCH for this track I could listen to it an entire day ^^ carry on your good work, I'm found of it
  3. Mosou

    Kingdom Hearts

    I think that a remix of NIGHT OF FATE would be great. I think it's one of the best track of that game. Extremely rythmic. With electric guitar to replace the piano for exemple...