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  1. This is a good starter list - http://lifehacker.com/5924212/lifehacker-pack-for-android-our-list-of-the-best-android-apps?tag=downloads

    I'd suggest adding evernote, if like me, you have a number of different computers/tablets/smartphones/desktops/laptops on the go, and want to synchronize things.

    I also second their recommendation of dropbox, for both PC and Phone.

    I like coolreader for ebooks, because i've got it set up to download books from my calibre library, http://calibre-ebook.com/, a pc based ebook manager.

    Can't forget the steam app, so you can see what your friends are playing, and if it's worth while to go to the server and play.

    I like beautiful widgets on my phone as well, since i'm only running froyo, and don't have all the cool tools.

  2. Just make sure that the admins/mods understand the breadth of their power. None of this kicking/banning players/classes just because of sentry position or other similar situations.

    As long as the players follow the 'Be courteous to other players' rule, there shouldn't be an issue.

  3. So how much money do I need to throw at this. Tell me the best host, and then watch as I raise it from the dead.

    I believe what Powerlord is saying is that you'll need to research your own server hosts if you want to do that, and i don't think his server package is one you can take over. He'd like to step away from being involved. (Powerlord can correct me if i'm wrong.)

  4. I guess that's true, though the key difference is you tend to deal with gameplay behavior and I tend to deal with social behavior/decorum.


    And just to point out, it wasn't meant explicitly as a negative,just that a number of decisions were made by a single person, and a lot people felt there was no input into those changes, for good or bad, where as before there was discussion on plugin/setting changes.

    For the record, i didn't have a problem with banning GM from playing engineer on Nucleus, since he did that little trick pretty much EVERY time he played on it.(Sorry GM, just drives me nuts :) )

  5. We're more than half way through the season it looks, with 3 more weeks to go.

    Most of these tournaments are just put together through sites that allow anyone to put a team of 9 together (plus spares) and then schedule people to fight. This team is being bossed by Jaswald, Gamemaster and Knee-Crow. They jsut approached people who were either good at the game, like Lumpy, or people who were likely to show up every week (like me)

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